Does anyone have any crazy fun ideas

Discussion in 'General' started by OGchris, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. What are some fun things to do when your just chilling with the homies. Last weekend we did doughnuts at 1 in the morning at a park, and went for a skate sesh. We've gone to the beach at 3 in the morning, and went legit rock climbing Tuesday night. Went boogie boarding at a park after the rain. All were done high as hell. What do you do for fun with the homies

  2. Baseball Bat the cars that do doughnuts in the park by my house at 1 in the morning...

  3. hahaha, thats fuckin great
  4. na really. thats cool you find so many things to entertain you.

    none of my friends ever seem to do much. its rare that anyone wants to hang out without pot or alcohol involved. Most people i know just wanna sit around and smoke weed, watching movies and playing video games is usually the highlight of the night. The friends that drink are more willing to leave the house, but thats only to go to sit around a fire or go to bars.

    there really isn't much to do around here, so i kinda understand. but it really sucks. it would be nice to have fun stuff to do without having to get fucked up.
  5. have a bonfire, go for a bike ride, go for a walk, just sit around and talk

    stuff doesn't get boring if you're high enough :D
  6. Play music.

    Walk around.

    Smoke more weed.

    I enjoy the simple pleasures. :]

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