does anyone have affection/touching issues?

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  1. I feel bad in a way.

    But I need my space I don't need someone all up in my space. It makes me feel uncomfortable , even if someone like pats me on the back it makes me feel weird and startled or touching me in general.

    I don't mind having sex. But I really just want to roll over and go to asleep afterwards.
    I don't even enjoy massages that much. Definitely no foot action!

    Is there anyway to get over this perhaps?
    Probably not being shown much affection growing up has something do with it?
  2. I honestly think that your not with the right person if you feel that way. With my experience anyways, if I don't truly want to be with that person they annoy me with touching me and everything else. When you really like someone that will all change and you'll feel differently
  3. severe touching issues but you've still managed to have sex???

    do you want to "get over" it so you don't have this 'problem' anymore? Or do you want to "get over" it so you can find a middle ground between personal space and touching?
  4. Go away for a while. Appreciate the people and love u have around u

  5. Yeah I'd say a middle ground between and touching in a sense.
    I haven't had sex in like 2 months or so. Sometimes I just want to be cuddled for about ten minutes I guess. Even giving people hugs is awkward. :confused_2:

    I want it on my terms I could say. When I have it I don't want it. When I want it it's not available
  6. Well, just touch people that you actually have a connection to.

    For example, I'm sure a hug from your mom isn't as awkward as hugging a homeless person with his pants off.

    My point is, you are already comfortable around your mom and when you hug her, it is a sign of affection and you get an emotional jolt out of it.

    When you hug the homeless guy, things are going to get uncomfortable. and fast. unless he turns out to be an actually cool guy
  7. I love touching and cuddling. I love rubbing a mans head and his body. I also love being touched and loved on. I don't get you OP but hopefully one day you meet that someone you don't want to ever stop touching.
  8. I am touchy when I'm dating someone and my best friend of 12ish years and I cuddle but other than that I don't like to be touched. Even by my family. It always makes me uncomfortable and I have to stop myself from cringing.

    I think it usually stems from intimacy /trust issues. At least for me it does.
  9. i'm very affectionate with women. it feels comfortable
  10. Hmmm I like being touched if I'm dating a guy. Then I'm very touchy. But other then that I'm not a very touchy person. When I used to have sex with my friend (an ex) he'd want to cuddle after but I just wanted him to leave. And on christmas my mom actually asked if she could give me a hug and a kiss. It was at this point that I realized I couldn't remember the last time I hugged or kissed my mom and I still live with her. I don't mind giving people hugs, but I don't initiate it and I feel awkward. I do not hug any of my friends and when they're going through something I'm even more awkward... I love them, but I have a hard time telling them that. I try to comfort them as best I can though and they understand that.

    I'm very affectionate with my daughter though. I'm always hugging her. Idk what it is... I'm in a similar boat if not the same boat as you honeymoon.

  11. i feel the same way... i have found myself to not give hugs and be touchy unless im dating/getting physical with that person. i barely give hugs to my parents and family, i feel kinda sad thinking about it but at least i know im not the only one thats like this YAY!

    i like to think of it as "hey my hugs are special, i dont give them out to everyone. if i hug you, that means i care about you"
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    I did feel kind of bad that my mom had to ask to give me a hug. Like damn am I that unaffectionate? Apparently I am.

    Exactly. I give people hugs if they hug me and its that awkward one arm hug. But other than someone coming up to me and hugging me I won't hug you unless you're special to me. Meaning a bf lol. Because my friends aren't affectionate either.

    I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I thought I was just mean or something :laughing:

    I'm not sure we've helped op much though.
  13. One time I was making out with a chick, she had great tits and I really wanted to grab them but every time I tried to get a hold of those puppies she would brush my hand away or say don't. We were laying on top of each other sucking face why can't I grab your tits!? She must have had some issues or some bullshit.
  14. could have been new implants
  15. Doubt it!
  16. They definitely wernt implants hahaha.
  17. When im with someone I care about I qanna be all over thwm.and chwrish our time... if it with someone I do t feel totally happy abour being with I jist wanr to get away from them as soon as sex is over.. or I dont want any physical contact what so ever..
  18. yes....

    I don't like it when people unnecessarily touch me! I get very, very angry.
  19. I just wanna touch all of you.
  20. I'm really picky but I don't have a prob with someone who is touchy/feely...I'm rather touchy feely back if I trust them enough actually. Emotional affection is what freaks me out....."I love you" has been practically impossible for me to accept, I just think "Impoosibur!! LIAR!" in my head and "I really like you" = shields up red alert so I can grenade it before it goes any further. I just hope I get another chance to try and deal with that reaction in a healthy manner as opposed to my usual self destructive tendencies.

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