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  1. Is awesome to chill with when you are sober, but is really different/annoying when they are high?

    This kid ive been really good friends with for a few years has been a really good buddy for a long time. He was the one to introduce me into the wonderful world of being high, and ever since about the second time ive smoked with him i have began to notice things that bother the fuck out of me that he does.

    We walk a lot and he always walks like super fast, so i have to power walk and waste energy when im just trying to enjoy my walk to keep up with him. That was one of the first things he did that bothered me,

    After a while he began to just chill out, i didnt say anything. Now after he gets high he repeatedly tells ONLY me how he is soooooooooooooooooo high, like 30 times. He smokes a lot more than me ( whenever we smoke we smoke the same amount though ), and he is still saying this even after im sober. It bothers me sooo much, i seriously get the urge to hit him in the face when he says it.

    Sorry for the wall of ranting, just wanted to ask if anyone else has had a similiar problem and how they handled it.

    I know there are prob gonna be a bunch of people who say "dont smoke with him retard" but with all my friends its tradition to smoke first thing when you see each other. It would be sketchy if i didnt smoke with him.

    Thanks to anyone who can help or give useful input.
  2. If i am with friends, I will usually follow, not lead. So if someone initiates an adventure I will come along. Im pretty chill, but my one friend says I talk too much.
  3. Yah i dont try to be anal or anything, but i can really not help it. The walking thing really has no relevence in the story. I was high when i typed all that lol. Was my last bowl, and the first time ive smoked in about a day ( used to be a daily smoker ).
  4. people usually go through phases when they smoke. if he hasnt been smoking long wait till he starts doing it every day and i bet he will have a way more laid back/chill/dontgiveafuck attitude

    thats what happened to my friends.
    they used to get high and spazz out and run they smoke blunts and sit around and not talk
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    These are two really common, not too serious problems.

    For the walking one: When walking high, there are usually two groups of people. The leader(s) and the follower(s). Being a follower doesn't necessarily mean you're a brainwashed idiot that does anything the leader does and being a leader doesn't necessarily mean you're someone smart that thinks for themselves instead of just being another follower.

    The leader walks faster and ahead of the follower(s). There are a few reasons for this that actually do make some sense. The first is that the leader wants to appear sober to strangers and thinks he/she is walking like a stoned out turtle (slow) when walking regularly. The second is that the leader wants to actually get to the goddamn destination and prevent the followers from stopping constantly to talk, argue, stare at things, or otherwise slow the group down.

    The followers are either talking to each other in a stony theoretical way (like "You know what's the coolest flower man? Sunflowers. they're so mellow dude"), arguing with each other, staring at things, or laughing. They most likely will also stop walking to focus more on their conversation or activity, further slowing the group down. This is why the group needs the leader(s); to get the followers moving or moving faster.. or else you'd never get to your god damn destination.

    For the constant "I'm high" newsflash: just tell him in a stony, laughing, friendly, non confrontational way:

    "alriiight yo I heard you, you're high. I'm high. he's high, she's high, we're all high! how bout we just imply that we're always high. chiiiiill dude"

    video games (especially oldschool ones), music, and tv can really help him turn the switch from being paranoid and almost annoying when high, to being relaxed and funny when high. It'll make everything a lot trippier and mellow.

    If you just give your friend messages without him really noticing that these are things that really bother you, you can both benefit without causing harm to either one of you or your friendship. This applies mainly to the "I'm so high" thing.

    For the first, I'd just try to understand why he does it. I've already explained it. Without both leaders and followers, walking while high would really suck. On one hand, walking with all leaders would just be a non talking, tiring, kind of boring experience. On the other hand, walking with all followers, you would never get to where you want to go because you'd be stopping to talk, argue, laugh, and stare at things or you'd just be walking at 0.5 miles per hour while looking at the ground without even realizing it.

    I hope this post helped you out, these are things I have a lot of experience with.. If you have any questions or want to comment, go ahead. :cool:
  6. What you have to do when he's being an annoying ass bitch: Say, "Hey, man, I'm sorry for this but you're one annoying ass mother fucker when we get high together" and punch him in the face. After the punch it's tradition to give him a no-homo hug just to show him tha there's no hard feelings
  7. Well, they are.

    To solve the walking-too-fast problem: tell him to slow the fuck down. If he doesn't slow up, continue walking slowly, he'll probably stop when he realizes he's 200 feet ahead of you.

    To solve the "I'm sooo high" problem: tell him you are aware that he is high, you were there watching him smoke. If he repeats the phrase, say 'Yeah, I heard you the first time'. All subsequent utterances of the forbidden phrase should be responded to with an "I get it, shut your god damn foodhole", possibly accompanied by a backhand slap to the face.
  8. Thanks alot man your post made a lot of sense, wish i would have seen it earlier.

    I already broguht i up and said its annoying as fuck when you keep saying that just stop. He just ignores it and keeps going, i almost think he does it to bother me at this point.. but i will try what you said and hope it works.
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    Yeah these are the kinds of things everyone thinks or goes through but no one ever talks about. I'm glad you understood what I was saying.

    Zero Cool and Tails' approaches to this are really confrontational and will almost certainly end in you guys getting pissed off at each other. but they can maybe be good last resorts.

    Still, I wouldn't recommend them. But I doubt it would come to that.
  10. manm i understand that its annoying when people dont stop talking about how high they are, but think about it: They could be high as FUCK you ever been so high that you cant stop blammering(?) about it?

    just last weekend i was rocking back and forth in my chair clutching my hair and just whispering "im so high" to everyone.
    its a fucking awesome feeling and even though its annoying when other people do it, just think about that.

    another thing ivee noticed is that if yer high enough and you keep talking about it and people tell you to shut up or whatever, it doesnt really register that theyre annoyed.

    so i dunno, whatever. just sayin
  11. Thanks for the input man! I can understand if he really was that rediculously high, that he had to keep saying it, but fuck its every time we get high, and we only smoke like 3 or so bowls of just some mids..
  12. sucks that pot, something that brings you together is tearing you apart
  13. i have on friend who bugs the fuck out. he will be like comatose for a few seconds then start to bug out and like scream. im llike wtf are uu bugging about. and hes like its why im fun.. im thinking not....
  14. hey man....jsut say something.

    i really really respect people for calling me on things they wanna see change....its like seeing yourself from someone else...which i guess it REALLY is...but like, its up to you to make the change...maybe he thinjs you're annoying in the opposite way? ie walking to slow know man, there's NOTHING more respectable than being straight...he's obviously just getting nervous or OSMETHIGN around you...he's you're mate...let him know
  15. Confrontations are not necessarily bad. They force a solution. The smacking part was a joke.

    My answer to the first problem is about as passive aggressive as you can get. Ask him to slow down first, and if he doesn't, let him get too far ahead. He will slow down eventually, unless he is oblivious to the world around him.

    I have had plenty of experience with the second issue. I don't mind if people say it a few times, but if they continue after they've been asked to knock it off then that is a problem.

    There is nothing wrong with telling someone to STFU if they are being annoying. Obviously it should not be the first thing you try, but if he is not getting the message then it becomes appropriate to use. It is a straightforward phrase that lets the person know that he is being annoying and it is starting to piss you off.
  16. this usually happens with people who normally dont talk much. he probably has a big imagination and goes into a more euphoric trip than a social trip. you should try having him take adderal before smoking, or try to purchase different types of weed. some strains have higher sativa levels or higher indica levels. these levels can have different tolerences to different people.
  17. Maybe you could show him this thread? That would probably work pretty damn well.

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