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Does anyone have 4:20 programmed in your biological clocks?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by trashlighth, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I got home around quarter to 4 this afternoon. I was going to have the place to myself for a while, so I chilled, did a little work, and then around 4:23 in the afternoon I thought about pot. So I went upstairs, checked my stash out and packed a bowl. :smoke: Probably whenever we see a time around 4:20 subconsciously we think about weed.

    Anyone else think about weed around 4:20 in the afternoon?

    (Or wake up at 4:20 in the morning, if you've got really psychic powers)
  2. If its like 4 in the afternoon and me and my homies are about to smoke we'll sometimes wait till 4:20. Its kind of retarded, but its nice to have something to really look forward to even if its only 20 minutes.
  3. after seeing this thread, i i gotta see this.

    well worth it :hello:
  4. Yeah its weird as fuck, this morning actually i woke up clear out of tha blue at 4:19. Fuckin weird dude.

  5. :hello::D
    Yes I do and probably 99% of the marijuana using population.
  6. me and my friend used to set our phones to remind us when it was 4:20
  7. it is wierd but i like automatically kno it's around tht time kinda like wen ur body knos it's time to eat or wake up i dunno it's wierd i just kno
  8. man yea that "look forward" to it technique is awesome.

    thats really something to look forward to and you can do something in between that becomes really fun if you have something to look forward to.

    420 :smoke: 420
  9. I have a clock not running in my room set to 420 so its always time to toke

    flavor flav does the same thing if you watched flavor of love and ever saw in his room
  10. wow dude thats awesome i'm going to have to do that.
  11. If you think thats weird... you know how many times Iv woken up at 4:20am or 4:20pm EXACTLY. It happens a lot.

    and thats like completely off my sleep schedule.
  12. hahaha nah not me but i do notice the numbers 4:20 alot like when i randomnly check the time and shit

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