Does anyone hate this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Skunk Dank, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Dont you hate when you smoke the perfect ammount of weed (doesnt matter how much, its the feel) and you add another few hits, and you realize youre couchlocky.

    I fucking had some indica, i cant stand up for shit. Im a little trippy tho.
    Its late and im saying goodnight for now.:eek:
  2. im so baked guys
  3. I know how you feel man. I always seem to smoke just a bit too much and I get past that perfect high... To be honest, it's hard bcuz this new pipe I just got fuckin rips like a mule..
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    I tought i was the only one, jeez im so open and probably annoying when im high. haha i just want to talk with yall you know, i love you all :)
  5. ....I love you...
  6. You know you're a lightweight when you act drunk when you're high...
  7. Are you a girl? I've been trying to meet a special girl on here for a while..
  8. I'm manbeargirlpig
  9. no i hate it when i pass out right after smoking though
  10. I don't normally notice that I'm overly high until I stand up and it feels like the floors not there any more.

  11. wtf no i was so high lmao, i wasnt smoking for 3 days until today, i was dry.
  12. im cool now tho.
    indica is giving me that sleepy feeling. but im gonna load this bowl and than go to sleep or something. Bye
  13. What are you bitching about? Your're couchlocked; gimme your weed then if you 'hate' it.
  14. I don't enjoy being couchlock high. I'm trying to find the right amount of draws off my vape recently. I seem to always get just a little too high. I enjoy experiencing life while high. Going outside running,biking,hiking,swimming. I think a high stuck on a couch is wasted and a big reason why cannabis has a bad image.

  15. I love going swimming in the river in the woods when I'm high or especially tripping....i feel so big and...connected :/

  16. I love weed and nope.

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