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Does anyone get headaches or dizziness?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jibbs, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. When I smoke, about an hour into my high if I close my eyes ill get really dizzy, and it feels like there is energy pulsing through my body.

    Does anyone else get this sensation? Or even similar feelings?
  2. I get a similar sensation to the one you're speaking about, but it normally happens around 4 hours into the sesh when I've smoked 'too much' green mixed with tobacco...but it can also happen if you don't keep yourself hydrated enough while smoke, so always have something to drink regularly while smoking :smoke:
  3. I have been getting this a lot, just drink some water when you smoke and don't "over smoke", sometimes you just push your limit every now and then.
  4. What about the day after? I get baaad headaches after a night of smoking too much
  5. dpends on the weed, once had this one strain that we used to call "the headache" because whenever we smoked it, thats what happened
  6. I wouldn't say a headache, but more a mild pressure behind the eyes on the come up of the high, then stays like that for a few hours with the high and goes away on the come down.
  7. I'm totally bummed out by it. I read something about butane lighters also giving headaches, that could be it. I use a zippo with a butane insert. I don't know :confused:

  8. Honestly I believe people who are susceptible to the placebo effect, experience many things depending on what they hear, read about, or what they are told.

    I don't believe it one bit as I always use a Bic and never get headaches.
  9. My headache happens after I smoke. But the dizziness seems to happen while I'm high, like things are spinning or moving and stuff. It isn't too bad though.
  10. I really do hope that's all it is. Maybe I can confuse myself into using my zippo again w/o the headaches. It also happens if I toke late at night then go to bed, I'll wake up pretty fckd up.

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