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Does anyone ever use matches to light their bowls?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nathan, May 11, 2010.

  1. In a middle of smoking a bowl with my friend and my lighter died, so I got my matches. It tasted the same I think but I had a sore throat after. Now I'm not saying it's from the matches maybe it's from my friend. If you have used matches, did it give you a sore throat? I only have a little bud left so I might just not buy another lighter and use matches unless other people here have an experience similar to mine.

  2. I've never experienced that. I use matches whenever my lighters die, which has been pretty often over the years. I doubt they'd give you a sore throat.
  3. I couldn't find a lighter last week and tried it, I just let the sulfer tip burn for a bit before you light the bowl and it was ok. Worked and tasted just as good as a lighter, just a pain in the ass using a match every hit, and the ones i was using burned really quick too.
  4. Ok, I probably wont buy another lighter for a few days then. My friend must of been sick.
  5. butame > wood/cardboard

    glow rod ftw thoh
  6. actually wood matches are a lot cleaner and better for you then butane... just make sure you burn off the tip
  7. Ital hempwick ftw!!!!!:smoking:
  8. actually many match sticks are soaked in fire retardant. that shit can't be good for you.

    look it up

  9. really?? burnt carbon monoxide? how so?

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