Does anyone ever bond with their pets when you're high?

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  1. When I'm high I always feel like I can understand my pets alot more and they can understand me better as well. I don't know why I feel that way, maybe I pay more attention to their body language or something.

    I've always been more of a cat person so here is my cat Vladimir. He is a russian blue, and just seems to follow me everywhere to try and help me. When I'm doing something he just sits patiently and looks. Here he is helping me with my plants.

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  2. Awws. That's adorable. :3
    Well hopefully one day you'll have your own. :D
    And it'll love youu.

    I love pugs. They make the cutest sounds. :3
    I want any dog with a squished face that'll lovingly snort at me. :)

    give that giant teddy a hug for me? D:
    i miss my polar bear dog. :(
  3. I always bond with my dog when im high. After i smoke, we pretty much just chill on the sofa and watch tv together, and she lays next to me or with her head on me. She thinks shes a lap dog, but shes a 70 pound olde english bulldogge.

    oh yeah, the last picture is of her laying on her back and it always cracks me up so i decided to show it:p

    and you can't tell in the pictures, but she is rocking a Coach dog collar, lol, talk about spoiled right?:eek:

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  4. [​IMG]

    mah buddy cody. siberian husky X golden retriever. i got him from an old lady that treated him like shit and hes been mine ever since. everybody thats ever seen me and him togeather sais "he is DEFFNIATLY your dog" we just clicked instantly. someone can call him an he'll just ignore them, but if i clap or snap my fingers he comes to me instantly (assuming hes not chasing a squirrel or another small furry animal) its a very hard relationship to describe.

    edit: this pic is when i used to keep his collar on. i hate collars now. they look so un natural and he looks much sleeker without it on.
  5. Awww. She's precious. I want one. Haha. That picture makes me laugh, too.

    I know what you mean. :)
    That's sweet. He's an adorable dog. :)
  6. One time I smoked it was just me so I went out back and sat next to the dog and smoked that bowl.

    She is a four-six(not sure though) yellow lab. A big fatty though however a very mellow chill dog. Bit of an attention whore though.
  7. OP, you are freakin' adorable.

    I totally just bonded with one of my cats tonight. But I think she is angstful and unsure if she approves of my weed-smoking habits or not, which is putting a strain on our relationship. The moments she is fakely happy through the guilt are quite lovely though. Haha I have no idea what the fuck I just wrote. I love my cats though.
  8. my dog sometimes runs up to me wagging her tail breathing all heavy and excited when im baked. like shes trying to tell me something :wave:
  9. Took a few pics of this wicked spider+web+dead thing which was under my deck, saw it while smoking on this beautiful day and so i got my camera. I don't have a pic of the cat, well i found this one


    and the spider pics are here, click on them for massive res

  10. That's not at all how it is for birds with conscientious owners. I've had parrots for many years and I can assure you they're happier, healthier, safer, and live a lot longer than their wild counterparts.
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    fuck yeah! my cats are so funny, how ever, my dogs stink, and the smell gets to me when im high as fuck, i dont knwo what it is, i try washing them and it doesnt work.

    but any ways yeah, my cat just watched me take a bong rip, and i swear i could see her peicing together how a bong works in her head.

    she was looking at
    the lighter
    the bong
    then the smoke.

    and she just kept looking really hard at it, i offered her a hit (i mean i actually asked her if she wanted one, and offered her the bong LOL. not blew my smoke in her face!!) and she actually walked up to it and then walked away

    she doesnt always look this evil, by the way.

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  12. I love yellow labs. Especially when they're puppies and all fluffy :3

    Haha. I love cats when I'm high. They're suuuuper magical.

    I know what you mean. My little dog does that. :)

    dude that's brutal! :D

    I love when my cats are inquisitive and I can totally see them figure things out in their mind. it's fuckin' adorable. :D
  13. My dog doesn't like when I smoke weed

    [ame=]YouTube - Anti-Drug Dog[/ame]
  14. Lols. I've always loved that commercial.
  15. [​IMG]


    My french bulldog, Lola. 3 years old.
    She's my WORLD.
  16. That's a very lucky dog right there ;)
  17. yeahh i use to burn with my guinea pig, he was the coolest. he was a blind but managed to get around with his whiskers. had him for about 8 years until he died on july 3rd, i knew he was about to go so i took some pictures of him and smoked a little around him. i had to walk my dog so i looked down at him and told him, 'peace boris, love you little dude' and when i came back he was dead- always good to have a friend when no friends are around
  18. Yeah, sometimes when I've been really baked I've had the feeling that other peoples pets REALLY hated me and wanted to attack me, maybe that's just paranoia though.

    On topic; I love my dog and my connection with her is always stronger when I'm high. It allows me to appreciate how loyal she is and how much love she has for me.
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    My dog is pretty much an all around bad ass. I love that little guy. Hes an English Setter and his name is shadow. I named him shadow because hes basically my shadow, he never leaves my side. Hes a bird dog and I hunt with him. I live in Montana so thats normal haha. I bond with him all the time but he seems more like a person than a dog when I'm stoned. I always listen to music with him and he likes it and doesn't like some of the music I hate. If country somehow is on the radio he'll start barking. I love it.

    The day after I bought him in Northern MT close to the Canadian border. Camping with my buddy and his two English Setters Cheyenne and Gypsy. We got really blazed that night and the dogs were chillin with us good times man good times.
    I like how his jowl is stuck under his tooth its really cute
    With Cheyenne, chewin on a stick
    Laying in the tall grass

    This one is at Thanksgiving (my ex was into decorating) He wanted to come in but he was in the perfect spot so I had to take a pic

    This is a pic of Shadow ridin shotgun. Pulling into a fencing job.

    *The pics are small but if you can click on them to enlarge*
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    I always bond with my pets. It's always cuddle time in my house!

    I don't think you guys are even ready for this, but here are SOME of my pets (not even half):

    This is Serendipity, the first goat I ever owned:

    This is Jacob:


    Some of the girls:

    The kids!:

    More babies!:



    Baby kitty being a sloot!:

    Spunky being adorable:


    Cookie Monster!

    Snuffy (RIP favorite bunny ever)

    Kits! (baby bunnies):

    Kits and mama:


    Tristain (is a little shit!):

    Yeah, I guess I like animals.

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