Does anyone ever bond with their pets when you're high?

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  1. Not the animal high. But when you, yourself, have smoked a bowl or so, ever just bond with your pet? I dunno if it's just me. But this me and my former dog, Zeus. It was hard to get a picture of him cause all I have is my phone and he never stays still.

    The first picture is him as a puppy. He was pretty small. And this picture is like, September of 2009. Haha. The next one is kinda him in the middle of his growth. Then there's a picture of me trying to catch him from like February of 2010. My stepdad is sending me other pictures that he has taken that I don't have. But when we moved back to Florida two months ago he had to stay in Oregon. He's a Great Pyrenees and they're snowy mountain dogs. D: I loved that dog. He'll be three on September 24th, I believe.


    He still grew after that, actually. Filled out quite a bit and maybe a little bit taller. I was in my summer hide out: the room downstairs with now windows. No A/C in Oregon during the summer is brutal. It gets extremely hot. Haha.


    And that's just me these days. Haha. Summer time in Florida.

    Post pictures of you and your pet. But tell me about a time you've bonded with them. Or if I'm just crazy. Haha. Your opinion! Share 'em.
  2. Hey my dogs name is Zeus too!
  3. Aww. :)
    What kinda dog?
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    Haha in that 3rd picture your doggy looks HUGE. he looks so furry. Youre both pretty cute I must say:rolleyes:

    Did you make those bracelets? Im sporting some as well from working at summer camp!

    Heres my dog snickers the first month we got her

    heres my dog snickers during winter break 09' [​IMG]

    and heres me rolled up bout to blaze winter 09'!
  5. I want some more pics of you
  6. Haha nicee. Yeah I made em. And I've got a pic of my necklace to upload. I melted glass at a friend's and made it. haha.
  7. Your dog's hella cute. :)
  8. if our dogs had puppies it wouldnt even be fair how cute they would be:D
  9. Heres my boy, Zeus.
  10. Awww! He's precious! :)

    Hella! :3

  11. i second this request :)
  12. We got a dog named Deezel. Gorgeous looking pit and sweet as hell, I'll try to get some pics of him. But I have weird reactions with animals when I am high. I swear they don't "sense" me. I was about to make a post seeing if anyone is the same way.

    I can never sneak up on my dog. Even when he is sleeping, he hears me coming and wakes up and wants to play. Unless I am stoned. He never seems to know. There have been several times where I walked into the room and he growled cause I scared him.

    The neighbors have this little ankle biter too. Whenever he is out running around, he is too skittish to come close. It'll spot me a few houses down, bark, and not get close. I was out on my porch one day, baked, and the dog comes skipping down the street. Owners let it run around which I can't stand, but anyway, it's coming down and doesn't even see me. I wasn't hiding in the least, just standing there. Doesn't even see me til it get literally 2 feet in front of me. When it was me, it froze, started shaking, peed a little, and ran off.

    Dogs just don't vibe me when I am high. When I am not though, they're usually my best friend and they won't leave me alone. Same thing usually happens with our cat.
  13. Fuckin ankle biters. I hate them. :smoking: get a real dog
  14. Yeah, I can't stand them either. Not only does it bark so annoyingly, but they let it out unleashed for hours. Too many times I almost had my arm dislocated from our pit trying to eat the thing.
  15. Haha damn. Drop kick that thing. xD I'm kidding. Please don't. Sometime I wished animals would leave me alone. xD It sucks being constantly bugged to play.
  16. I love running around with my dog while high. Unfortunately I have no pics of him, but if you have a good imagination. He is a mix of Chiuhaha and Dachshund.

  17. I took Shrooms and hung out with my cat. He was one amazing little creature that night(still is though). I looked into his eyes for a few minutes and felt a very deep connection/love with him.

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  18. I get high. My beagle eats the stems...
  19. nope unfortunately i only have a bird. even tho i cherish his life and he is cute. All he does is stare at me as i walk by the cage like he wants to kill me. That soulless deathly gaze that only birds can do. :(

  20. I've been there. Haha. I know exactly what you mean.

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