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Does anyone else's weed taste like this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tripple A, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Alright so i just got done smoking a bowl, and i noticed that it taste like weed always has to me of course, but it kinda has that "after taste" that kinda lingers in your mouth. The best way i can describe it, is almost like chemically, but not really... basically a "natural chemical" taste.

    For as long as i can remember weed has always tasted like this for me. Is it possible that the whole time i have been getting weed sprayed with something? (I live in a fairly small town, so i am pretty sure there 1 source that most people get it from)
  2. My weed tastes like green
    like i cant describe it man
    just tastes like the color green
  3. It tastes like chlorophyll. :D
  4. i bet the taste comes from whatever your smoking out of. try smoking from a different piece or rollin somthing up. i would suggest getting your self a nice glass bowl you cant go wrong with that
  5. I dissagree weeds tasted the same no matter how or what i smoke it in
  6. I notice a huge difference in taste when I'm smoking out of a metal piece compared to glass. Same with tin cans or foil (But I don't fucks with that).

    Papers have a distinctive taste and blunts, obviously, change the flavor.

    The bud might also be sprayed, but I doubt you've been buying the same sprayed weed for a number of years.

  7. ive hit a few ill made gs in my day and they tasted like a melted plastic moonpie....but i overcame

    could just be the normal good ol weed taste tho
  8. Yeah I'm using a glass bowl actually. It's just weird, like I've been smoking this 8th for the past couple weeks every night and never noticed anything. then all of the sudden tonight i open my mason jar and it smelled ultra skunky like always. then i thought it smelled TOO strong and like it had a different pungent smell.

    Idk maybe i'm just over analyzing :smoking:
  9. if its skunk bud mabye it has a lot of thc in it
  10. hahah fuck yea thats the good shitt
  11. Yup, mine tastes exactly like that. Gravity bongs, glass pipe, vape etc all just give me the raw chemical taste i'm guessing from whatever he's used for curing? not too sure but it isn't the most pleasant thing to taste.

    I'll usually put a little tobacco in with it just to have a different taste unless it's vape.
  12. weed is just pure natural to me. the taste i do not notice.
  13. Mids taste like dirt and green. And some of the danker stuff I've been messing with lately tastes like I just licked the carpet in a fucking church basement lmfao
  14. Last time that happened to me, I just needed to clean my bowl
  15. It tastes like a plant to be, but fruity.

    I dont know, weed is unique

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