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does anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Get really pissed when people say weed changes your personality?
  2. Yes. Then I get really defensive and punch them in the face.
  3. I try to refrain from physical violence but yeah it annoys the hell out of me I mean maybe it changes some peoples personality but it doesn't mine just makes me happier really
  4. not gonna lie it does when your high. admit it, theres things that you would and wouldnt do if you were high versus sober. i don't really believe after the fact tho.
  5. The culture changed my mates one.
    He's a CUNT now.

    I love how my iPod auto-corrects cunt to CUNT.
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    I mean yeah that's true but stuff I would or wouldnnt do I would say isn't as big of a personality when your around others I mean when I was younger and would end up accidentally being around family high I didn't treat anyone any different then if I was sober
  7. it does? it makes u the dude.
  8. No, But people who always go around talkin about that funky skunky "dro" need to go jump off a cliff.

  9. That's like saying your personality changes when your tired or energetic because there are things you would do and would not if your tired or energetic

  10. nooo ur smoking a drug bro it gets u "high" when u are high u are different than sober...get it>?
  11. Yeah it gets you "high" but all I'm saying is the way I act on the outside doesn't have to change if I don't want it to
  12. I dont care what anyone says, any thing you put in your body that causes a change, causes a change. When Im high whatever mood Im in is enhanced, if I get high enough, it's near impossible to be angry at all. When Im not high and I havent been for a day or so, I get irritated at little things that I shouldnt get irritated by. I've read many people say the same thing on here, so I think it's pretty common. Honestly though, who cares? I don't let other people's opinions of me, influence my opinion of myself, that just gives them power over me. Fuck that.
  13. No I mean I don't care what they say it was just when I first discussed my smoking habits with my parents when I was 15 my step mom had said she wasn't suprised because shed noticed my personality was "changed" and "different" the past couple months when I hadn't even been with her high it just got me really mad and to this day if I think about it it pisses me off
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    Being high doesn't change you, in my opionion, it's an emotion.
  15. If enough people say it about you, its probably true.

    Just pointing that out.

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