Does anyone else(while baked) stop at stop signs and wait for them to turn green?

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  1. Cause I've done this dozens of times, and several of my friends have as one instance there was another car behind me that ended up honking cause I was sitting there for like 20 seconds, waiting for the stop sign to turn green. It never did. :smoking:

    Share your driving experiences while blazed.
  2. i drive high a lot, and no, never happens to me, i try to keep it as safe as posible when driving, its no game.

  3. Of course. I just tend to play it too safe sometimes, if you know what I mean - going at a precise constant speed(usually exactly the speed limit), stopping at every stop sign, etc.

    I know plenty of people that swear that they actually drive better when baked. I for one, try to avoid driving high unless absolutely necessary.
  4. ^its no game. haha whatever.

    but yeah a while ago when i first started smoking, me and my homeboy toked up at a nearby grocery store lot before school and when i was driving back it felt like i turned into some lego character and everything felt like solid squares and i finally somehow auto piloted my way to my parking spot and left my lights and door wide open when i went into school
  5. Yes, I will also frequently begin to accelerate when the light a block up from mine turns green.
  6. i do drive better high because im so cautious of everything. always stop at stop signs and go a little under the speed limit.

    i try to go on backroads and not be out in the open even though i drive fine.

    but never done this one...i dont think ive ever gotten so high i didnt know a stop sign doesnt turn colors.
  7. my friend did the opposite, he stoped at a red light looked both ways then ran it without thinking, he thought it was a stop sight for some reason. hes not the best driver and iv been in alot close calls in his car.
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