Does anyone else think growing is addicting??? I hate it when im not growing!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cody8892000, May 29, 2009.

  1. Does anyone else agree that growing is addicting or is it just me haha ive had to hold off on my grows for the last 2 months and it sucks ass....
  2. It almost feels like I am wasting money when I am not growing, like not being efficient.

  3. What's more addicting, growing bud or smoking it?
  4. i'd say growing...i recently quit smokin weed for 51 days but i was still greenthumbing..
  5. Yea, growing is definitely I more involved hobby than smoking in my opinion. There's not much effort behind smoking to love, with growing you take care of your babies, watch them grow up, and then chop them down in one brutal slaughter before setting them on fire, inhaling their internals. Schweet!
  6. i 100% agree with all of you. i have just recently started growing and i have a new found respect for growers awide. everytime i walk into a department store its like a magnet is pulling me to the planting and yard care center. that or the lighting center. i am commin up on my harvest soon (4-6 weeks) and i have allready bought four pairs of pruning sheers... its a bit much but there all diffrent sizes and i want to trim it good. any way (sorry for talking about myself alot) i agree with your statement. its my new healthy addiction. sorry for the bad grammer and run on sentences.:hello:

  7. Yea I have to agree that growing is an addicting hobby, however when you think about it, its also an incredibly interesting one too. But I agree that if you are not growing you are wasting your money, buying weed off of people is just retarded and a hassle especially if you are picky about having really excellent quality buds to smoke. It is much cheaper to grow and less risky than buying weed off of somebody.
  8. I enjoy growing more than smoking. It's something to do with my time. Especially since I no longer work. It's always good to have some sort of goal and something to fret over. I love to grow!

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