Does anyone else think fergie needs to be smacked?

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  1. Is anyone else watching this failure of a halftime show? As i type this shes busy murdering classic guns n roses with slash. God:eek:
  2. Ya bro I just turned on the TV(I dont really watch footbal) and saw them. Were they even singing whole songs? It just sounded like they were saying 1 line from a couple songs or something. Worst sound iv ever heard.
  3. No it wasnt even whole songs. It was like only a few bars from like 5 different songs
  4. I blame her for single-handedly ruining a perfectly solid hip-hop group :rolleyes:
  5. well i know that she need ma balls smacking against her ass:devious:
  6. can be blamed equally for ruining that group. fuck i hate the black eed peas, he really needs to be slapped. who the fuck samples iiiiiveee had the time of my liiifeeee.

  7. She is just awful. Off key, all cracked out. God... I hate the BEP.
  8. So true. they shoulda had her lip sync.
  9. shes not even hot either, shes like fuckin gross
  10. I always never liked her voice. She just isn't talented at all.
  11. "I like to get wild, that's my style, if you didn't know that baby, well now you know now"

    That's all it takes to make millions?

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