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does anyone else smoke at...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iam matt, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. i know most of you probably smoke a bowl or two at 4:20, but who else here smokes at 8:40pm?? haha 420+420 = 840 haha

    is it just me and my friends or do others do this also?
  2. i do this when i can man. but thats not often
  3. Smoke at x:20. It's 4:20 somewhere...
  4. sweet,you just reminded me of my old blazing time, 7:20pm EST cant wait!!! thanks!

  5. gtfo kthx

    yeah i havn't done it lately either, i should... to-night.:smoke:
  6. oh and its sick to see so many matt's on GC hahaha
  7. your name is matt too? haha

    i know a gang of matts :p
  8. yep hahah, my group of friends used to have 3 matts in it, it was awesome, we're down to 2 ones suuuch a STAAR now
  9. Hey man, this would be better suited for Apprentice Tokers, or General as it's not really about how you smoke (bongs, blunts, joints, etc.). I'll move it for you this time, but in the future please be more careful to post in the appropriate forums.
  10. i always think that since timezones are changed in 1 hour that if i smoke when its 20 past the hoour that its 420 somewhere
  11. Haha werd man!
  12. Ya, I smoke when ever most of the time before or after school
  13. .... What is with this 420 crap... Yo any time i got bud it's time to smoke. ;)
  14. Whenever. Whereever. Its all the same. The only day that its important to do it at 4:20 is April 20th... imo.

  15. I agree
  16. agreeed
  17. I dont have a standard burning time except for at 6:55 am. That 5 mins before i leave for school other than that i will burn whenever
  18. Tr3-0'z Getting Blitzed Schedual.
    1. 2 in the moring (anywhere from 8am-12pm)​
    2. 2 in the afternoon (4:20pm-5:30pm)​
    3. and it's allways unknown after that, but i usually get in another 3 or 4 (5:30-???)​
  19. Wake and bake

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