Does anyone else out there smoke out of a Purr bubbler ???

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  1. So do any of my fellow smokers out there use one of these bad boys, And if so please tell me what you think of it.

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  2. oooo.. i personally dont know what those are..


    but its lookin real interesting..

    wouldnt mind pickin one up.
  3. wow looks really small
  4. I've used a similar designed bubbler and it worked quite nicely. Nice sized rips.
  5. I have one not that one but a bubbler none the less, nice rips too i was lookingfor more info on them but i dont have shit yet
  6. Pretty sure i saw those down in California in Santa Cruz at shop

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    never tried but looks kinda cool :yummy:
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    reminds me of these
  9. Just another cheap brand of China glass. Look at that janky ass weld on the dropstem.

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