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Does anyone else notice this too?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stoner63, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else notice that there are basically two basic smells that bud can have. Skunky. (Sour Diesel, Haze, White Widow) and Fruity. (Blue Cheese, California Orange, AK-47).

    What causes the bud to obtain its smell? Is it the area it grows? The amount of light? Type of soil?
  2. I find there are quite a bit more smells to the palate of weed than skunk and fruity lol
  3. piney, cheesy, citrusy, stanky, danky, so many smells...
    I've had some bud smelled like ammonia before
  4. every toker once in their life should smell biddy early.... there is NOTHING like it, and the smell is by far the most ridiculous stank weed can have hahahahah
  5. And if you REALLY want to get the full smell, grad your biggest nug from your jar and slowly break it in half and grab a huge whif, nothing like it man!
  6. One time I picked up a dub, and it smelt like vanilla ice cream haha. Never found out what strain it was though :/
  7. I once had this strain, i believe it was called hog's breath. The first time I took a whiff, I actually didn't like the smell, the only word i can think to describe this smell is sour, and it kinda stung my nostrils.

    I still smoked it haha, it was pretty good stuff. definitely got me high.
  8. Green Crack smells strongly like ammonia. (Im pretty sure it's ammonia lol).
  9. Damn, I thought I was onto something. :smoking: But anyway is there any speical bud for every part of the world? Like Europe, or Asia, or Australia? Or does every place basically have the same bud?

    Idk I'm so high
  10. outdoor grown more piny indoor fruity

  11. nahh :D
    it most definitely does not
    but cat piss most definitely does
  12. Cannabis gets much of its odor from terpens. You'll notice distinct similarities between cannabis (strain to strain), and certain other plants, fruits and such, for a reason....


    " These (terpenes) are MUCH more easily released from our cannabis, than THC. They can be released into the air to be inhaled upon breaking up the plant matter, and they are responsible for why people feel 'stoned' while cutting and manicuring freshly harvested cannabis. They are also responsible for police officers, claiming they get 'high' in the line of duty when clearing out a bust. It's in fact the terpenes that cause this feeling, not cannabinoids.

    Alpha-Pinene Is found in various trees and plants, including cannabis. "This terpene is at the highest level in the Super Silver Haze. So if you like pine-tree smelling and tasting weed, think of growing this strain, or use it for crossings."

    ***Limonene "is a cyclic terpene. It is a colourless liquid at room temperatures with an extremely strong smell of oranges." This is where many strains get their citrus orange, lemon flavors and odors from.

    Sabinene is found in high levels in many haze varieties.

    ***Myrcene, or β-myrcene, - THIS is the terpene available in some fruits and plants, including mangoes, that causes people to feel that eating mangoes before smoking, will get them 'higher', which is somewhat true, only if the myrcene levels are high enough, and not diluted by so much plant flesh. For a more reliable effect, simply sniff your preferably fresh bud the instant you break it open, and enjoy that nice fragrance, just prior to smoking it. True widow strains develop high levels of myrcene.

    The fresher the herb, the more terpenes it likely has available. The terpenes are released so easily, that in some commercial bud they have often already mostly dissipated, before people have a chance to use the canna, in which case additional terpenes from fruit can help.

    10- 1.8-CINEOLE
    16- ALPHA HUMULENE \t\t"

    Hope this helps. [​IMG]
  13. piney? yeah.... theres more then two
  14. If it's covered in trichomes, it's light green and has a pungent aroma, that's the dank I'm going to be aroused for! :D
  15. Yeah, I think the weed smoked at concerts always smells the same. It's like everyone goes to the same guy and says yo I need some concert weed. For the concert. and he breaks a branch off of a GIANT concert weed plant and is like You're set, bro.
  16. Fuck you op there's so many more smells so shutup!!!!!!!!!!
  17. its from the genetics and how it was grown but the smell/flavor Really come out when the buds in its curing stage. the longer u let it cure, the better and better it gets. jus like wine aging.
  18. These may provide some interesting reading for you blades who love all the flavors of cannabis! :smoking:

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    Metabolic fingerprinting of Cannabis sativa L., ca... [Phytochemistry. 2010] - PubMed result

    The Terpenes in the Cannabis Plant (news - 2010)
    CANNABINATION » Blog Archive » The Terpenes in the Cannabis Plant

    Chemical ecology of Cannabis (full - 1994) Chemical ecology of Cannabis

    The Volatile Oil Composition of Fresh and Air-Dried Buds of Cannabis sativa
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    Essential Oil of Cannabis sativa L. Strains (full – 1997)
    [FONT=&quot]Essential oil of Cannabis sativa L. strains

    Granny :wave:
  19. I notice some bud smells even a little sour or like.. Lemony.

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