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Does anyone else not like the idea of dabs or wax or any of that?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Po4381994, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. I'm by no means a "seasoned toker", but I figured I'd get the best replies here. Anyway, I love smoking, the act, the feeling, the smell of it, but I just can't get used to the idea of dabbing, it's almost like it's a completely different thing, like not weed anymore. Flowers for life in my opinion :smoke: What do you guys think?
  2. if you wanna screw your tolerance up dabs are the way to do it. but yes imo smoking the herb is the best way to play with mary
  3. I hate the fact that it's made with butane but for those that have a tolerance smoking bud- it works really well. I wouldn't buy any home made BHO only dispensary-made. I do like the fact that only a little bit will keep you high for a lot longer than regular bud. I love Mary Jane, don't get me wrong... I just think dabs are the new generation of weed.
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    The fact that you use the idea of dabbing makes me think you haven't tried it.  I thought something similar at first, but after trying it out my opinion totally changed.  It is a different experience but still very enjoyable.  I love it because I can do one dab real quick before I go out and I'm good for a while.  Plus I don't get any heavy stoned feeling, my mind is more clear and I don't get red eyed.  I still love herb, but oil is perfect for a special occasion.
  5. They are purely a rare treat as I'm not in a medical state......I could make my own, but my tolerance is high enough as it is.    I also grow for taste and smell, and enjoy those aspects of smoking herb just as much as the lost most of that in concentrate form.
  6. It kind of ruins the argument that marijuana is strictly a plant because the THC in dabs is extracted using chemical purposes. But it is still straight cannabis and has no added chemicals, so I don't care. You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  7. I have a high ass tolerance and dabs made it so I don't have to take a T BreakSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. I wasn't really comfortable or familiar with dabs until recently and after I tried it my mind totally changed. I still prefer flowers and will not switch fully to concentrates but I definitely love wax and will be happy to do it again.
  9. Yeah, I'm more of an herb guy too. I like kief though.:smoke:
  10. I love it.  Makes it so much simpler to get my medicine quickly and simply.  Plus, as much as I like smoking I prefer the rituals associated with oil more than flower.  
    I still love rolling a J just to smoke, especially in the evening, but during the day I found it was just too time consuming to be packing bowls all the time.  I end up smoking bowls almost constantly but I can space out my dabs more, even if I'm just chillin smoking.
  11. id be afraid to drop the hot nail while baked and burn myself
  12. Hmmmm. On the fence about it.
    Yes, I've tried dabs. Might not have been a good trial, as I was high as shit from smoking already, anyway. But whatever. It's still THC. It gets you high, very similarly to what natural flowers do.
    My concern over dabs, is more over the refining process. Every time some dumb ass fucks it up, and ends up in the ER, it just gives TONS of ammo to the weed bashers... like "SEE ! look what marijuana is leading to" !  
    Compared to most other drugs (including prescripts), dabs are still probably relatively safe. But even just a couple fuck ups here and there, could have a HUGE negative impact, on the perception of the safety of marijuana.
    Solvent fumes =/= cannabis.
    Let's not mince words here - these jokers are fucking up by being stupid around /flammable materials/. Aside from demonstrating the severe dangers of being a dumbass, it also goes to show the importance of alternatives to alcohol and butane in hashmaking, if you ask me.
  14. i love dabs. they wreck your tolerance but you get a good high, and like someone else said i don't get the stoney feeling from them too much. if i had to chose between flowers and dabs it would be flowers
  15. I don't think oil is "wrong" like some people say... I understand what they're saying though.. this is a magical plant and the effects are amazing. to be extracting THC using butane or Co2 and all this other shit just to get a stronger high just seems unnatural and makes it look like were "crackheads" looking for a better high. (and I know no pothead is by anymeans a crackhead) I just say smoke more weed. it is nice to have the option, though. some medical patients need it everyday and have a super high tolerance.. so it helps in those circumstances. but I totally understand what people are saying and where they're coming from.
  16. ^There is no amount of weed you can smoke to get the effects of a dab.  In fact, at those larger amounts when you get more of the inactive ingredients in the smoke the feeling gets more disparate from that of oil.  The high off a good hash hit is delicious, uplifting and totally pure, and the experience reflects it.  There isn't that same stoned, tired feeling from flower.  Your mind stays very clear and the body feel is much more energetic.  
  17. As long as I don't hear a strong sizzle on my nail than I have no problem with dabs. I believe it adds another element into my getting high process. I gotta smoke a blunt, vaporizer, hit the bubbler dab off the rig and take the vape pen full of wax wherever I go. As one guy said he is looking for flavors and smells & that concentrates do not have any; I believe he is under educated and that dabs concentrate & smell the flavor if you make it right(no stems, seeds or sticks). I make my wax with material a week in the jar after drying and The flavor is un surpassable. 
  18. i love dabbing just took a dab like 10 minutes ago. its cheaper, easier, u get 5 times as high for like 3 times as long. weed is best for chillin out but if youre trying to get hella stoned off of a bud and some bong you're gonna have to smoke grams and grams where dabs you can get really high without burning through a ton of flower
  19. I dabbed once, and that was after smoking a salad me and a few friends had thrown down on with six different kinds of strains in it. Let me tell you, I was high as fuck before we got offered the dabs, but there was such a drastic difference with just one, moderately sized hit from a rig. I would one day like to be at a point where I own a rig and have all the oils available for whenever. Haven't tried BHO or wax yet though, can anyone explain how different both are from dabs?
  20. I've never actually tried dabbing. Maybe I will one day.

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