does anyone else not like asking their parents for stuff?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. i know im their son but i just feel like a complete mooch asking them for stuff. am i the only one?
  2. no..ur not..i hate it too..but my mom basically stuffs money down my throat since she knows i hate asking for it..and that WHEN i actually do its not how much i really she always throws in extra

    shes an awesome mom...and ive tried to get her to take money back at times..but its pointless...o well..its her money...and if she feels the need to add more onto it..then so be it i guess
  3. every single time u post in my threads i get a response that gives me some relief
  4. haha naw man i know exactly what u mean I've always been like that and I have been wanting to move out of my parents house since i was 16
  5. well im glad that i can be of service to at least one person on here np at all!;)
  6. I have so rarely ever been able to ask my parents for anything, as they are broke-ass losers.
    They ask me for shit all the frikken time.
    Bitter?! Yeah, just a little. :(
  7. im in the same boat, i hate asking for money from them.
    i have been working since i was 16, so i have had my own money.
    now i am in college, searching for a job, and they give me like 50 bucks every now and then for "food" but i feel bad taking it.
  8. I feel bad asking for it, and they feel bad for giving it to me.

    SO, I dont ask for it anymore, and havent for quite a few years.

    But, if I needed it they would hook it up in a millisecond.
  9. No, I don't feel bad. I think both of my parents owe me for a lot. I feel bad bumming things off of my mom's boyfriend, though. But he offers more than I ask.
  10. In what way, would they owe you alot?

  11. I won't pretend to know what your relationship with your parents is like, but I'd say you owe both of your parents for a lot as well (specifically, being alive).

    I hate asking my parents for money, you're not even close to the only one, HighHaze.
  12. I never ask for money or anything unless I really need it... like food or something.
    If anything my mom owes me over 5k dollars (I at least lost track after 5k) for all the times I payed her bills and bought her shit.
    But its okay I guess... I know she'll pay it off when she can and if anything I'm satisfied with not seeing it again, I know its probably a good mark for my karma.

    But yeah I know what you mean.
    on a slightly related note: I usually have to ask for rides home from my coworkers, but it usually takes me most of my shift to ask for the ride... knowing I have no money to give for gas, but they always give me a ride, and I try and provide nice conversation so they don't feel awkward...

    I think it has something to do with how you react to people asking you for things.
    If you're not really that willing to give people money or rides (for whatever reason) then you might feel reluctant to get the same reaction when you ask for the same thing.
    I realize this when my boyfriends mom or my mom ask for money from us, so I'm going to try and change my attitude about it and maybe that will help with asking in the future.
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    I not only hate asking my parents for stuff I hate asking anyone for anything. Im to self sufficient to be asking people for stuff. The benefit to not asking for money from your parents is if someday you really really need the money they will be glad to give it to you because you never mooch off them thats only in worst case scenarios though.
  14. When both of your parents are/were abusive, you don't owe them shit.
  15. I dont feel to bad asking my parents for stuff... Simply becouse I have a job and can take of myself so if I need to ask them for something its because its important and I believe they will understand... Besides if its money I know I will pay them back....

    I did always feel weird asking my grandma for something though. She was the kind of person that loved to give people things. One time she actualy got really pissed off at me becouse I wouldnt take 40 bucks she was trying to give me, eventualy I took it because she was yelling.....R.I.P
  16. Both my parents are dead.... so no.
  17. My parents have given me lots of money lately, I feel the need to pay it back (even though they aren't expecting it to be paid back). Hopefully I can get a job soon on campus at my college.
  18. Haha, I hate that shit. I take care of my grandmas house for her, just because she's family - and everytime I go there she trys to stuff money down my throat.

    I don't really like asking my parents for stuff. If I do, it's always something small - a cigarette or something like that.
  19. i hate it too, even when i didn't have a job and i needed money for gas and gas alone to get one.
  20. I'm like that with my parents.....

    I live on my own and I hate having to ask hem for stuff... My mom is always asking "what do you girls need? Do you have food? Do you need this? Do you need that?" Lol

    I'm an only child and I used to be quite spoiled.... my mom was shocked when I struck out on my own and have been doing fairly well......

    My mom like to call us up and say she's "taking her favorite girls out to dinner". Its cute..... It makes her feel good too......

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