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Does anyone else love joint walks in the snow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrdelrey, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. I just rolled a joint for tomorrow morning -- its supposed to snow a few inches :). Walking and smoking is one of my favorite things. :smoke:

    Do you guys enjoy it? Or do you hate the snow.. lol
  2. I myself enjoy a midnight stroll in the moonlight with a joint in hand, the glare of the illuminating moon is just so relaxing.
  3. Joint walks under the moon. A must.

    I wish it snowed here though.

  4. how about inviting me a few days there ? lol .. it's strange to see how you guys tries to smoke in the snow, or in a cold day ... while i'm here in plain summer, in one of the worst day of the week, with almost 40C

    ... also a i want to know the feeling of smoking in the snow
  5. I love doing this, the chance doesn't come up too often though :(
  6. Even just sitting out on the porch while it's snowing, with a joint/bowl, and coffee/hot chocolate is fucking awesome. Equally amazing when it's raining really hard.
  7. here never snow :(
    it have to be awesome, seeing all the snow falling.
    in the other hand.. i've been in a pool (swimming) all night after a couple j .. priceless
  8. I love walking with a joint in my hand.
    Anytime, Anywhere. :smoking:
  9. i like nature walking with a joint, i hate the cold

  10. Haha enjoy the heat! Even though it may be miserable sometimes.. I also miss being able to walk around in a tshirt and shorts.

    Ill take some pictures tomorrow morning and post them up here :)
  11. as long as I'm not in the city, yes.

    Inside the city, too loud and bright and annoying. But out in the woods, with snow falling, fuck yeah that will be glorious dude
  12. Love walking in a park after dark with a J, fucking chillllllllll man.
  13. Hell i would love it even more if there wasn't some stupid city glow going on... =\ kind of ruins it when you can't even see the real night sky cause theres damn lights everywhere

    have you ever noticed when ur stoned walking in the winter its just shiney as hell? its like its glitter.. lol
  14. Yeah, I love being outside when toking. No snow here this season, sadly. Last year we had a HUGE ass blizzard. It was badass
  15. i dont have snow here. i hate it though (had to put snow chains on without gloves during a snow/rain storm ) on a trip to the mountains once. lol

    i love chilling in the back of a car smoking a j when someones driving though
  16. I love taking my dog for a long walk to the park, grabbing a coffee on the way, usually about an hour before dawn. When we get there, I let him off leash, spark a jay, drink my coffee and watch him romp around in the fresh snow.

    We just got 6" today, too bad I have to work early in the morning. I'm gonna roll one for very early Sunday.:smoke:
  17. Being hot while smoking is the best feeling. Cold isnt bad but being hot is on another level.
  18. Living in Massachusetts you come to love the snow, I absolutely love smoking a nice bowl while the snow lightly falls. Easily one of the most peaceful things in the world.
  19. [quote name='"mrdelrey"']I just rolled a joint for tomorrow morning -- its supposed to snow a few inches :). Walking and smoking is one of my favorite things. :smoke:

    Do you guys enjoy it? Or do you hate the snow.. lol[/quote]

    From PA, looking forward to this snow. Lighting up and going skiing tomorrow
  20. I love smoking outside and taking walks, but I can't stand the cold weather. I have the ability to smoke inside so I generally do unless it's nice out.

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