does anyone else love DRUGS

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  1. i personally love drugs they are like my hobby i i am so interseted about anything that has to do with drugs
    the subcultures behind them the act of doing them the things they can do the feelings u can get
    nothing else in the world cand o these things except drugs its amazing to mee
    theyre so interesting and fun :hello:

    ive heard ppl be scared of drugs n i just think theyre wonderfull
    wat about you?
  2. I like all drugs in their own little ways lol.

    Im pretty lit right now


    I'm always fascinated with every kind of drug so I look up the psychedelic effects, comedowns, names, whatever then I try to get ahold of the damn thing so I can.....

  3. you done oc's yet?
  4. not yet..if it comes around real quick then ill get em but i dont go out on journeys lookin for opiates yet
  5. I share your same interest OP. I love to gain knowledge about a substance and then finally try it. I have enjoyed every drug I have tried a great amount, some more than others :smoking:
  6. drugs are pretty rad man

    anyone wanna get high with me??:Dhaha

  7. i completely agree.....i love drugs theyre fun and exciting....a lil bit dangerous but fun non the less
  8. the only thing i dont like about drugs is how they can make you aware of your body and heart rate, etc. but I guess thats just a part of life.

    Also if drugs were legal it would be very nice to not have to deal with sketchy people
  9. drugs are for losers.
  10. I agree with the OP, drugs are a fascination not shared by many in this world.

    Yet people wonder why there's so many problems. Hmmm, any correlation here??
  11. I don't like to say I love drugs, but I really enjoy them and I'm fascinated in the way chemicals can affect our bodies like they do.
  12. i do i love drugs i love everything about them i love learning about them trying to gather every little scrap of information that i can find and then finally trying them
  13. yesss it is soo much funn indeed theyre so easy to learn about because theyre so interesting its a great passion of mine and many others here it seems
  14. trust me, after you've done most of em and learned all there is to know, it loses its fun and excitement real quick and just becomes somethin you do for the hell of it cuz its enjoyable, not cuz its fun

    people who do drugs for "fun" usually end up losing interest in everything else and only doing drugs for their recreation, really they do nothing, but their high so thats something to them
  15. Like the guy above me said. As long as you still enjoy doingbthings non drug related its good bit if you only enjoy life when your high then fuck you junkie ass
  16. fuck you too

    though i wanna start ridin my bike again doin flatland instead of street riding since i cant afford to get fucked up n go to the hospital, but we'll see if that ever happens
  17. I agree with the OP... altho I do exersize caution on what I use, generally stick to psycadellics/non addictive stuff... but I still know way more about hard drugs than a lot of people who live in cardboard boxes because of them :p
  18. will someone please tell me what op stands for and tell me how to rep people
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    and click the thing that looks like a balance of the upper right of the users post

    lemme see if i can point it out accurately first try haha

    fuck not even close

    ok i cant go that far, but its the first symbol at the top at the end of the long .....

    edit: waking the cadaver is a pretty talentless band, although they do pull off sounding like a corpse going through a meat grinder rather well, but the vocals are monotone as fuck and not understandable at all
  20. ok.thanks and plus rep to you and I kind of agree but I like them

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