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does anyone else here go to rummage sales?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mislilmisca, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone. Thanks for having me here at grass city. this is a cool forum. Does anyone here like to go to rummage sales? I've been enjoying them lately. I've been finding some great camping stuff. I also found some neon lights from a rental company that was getting rid of them. I paid 10 dollars for several fixtures with bulbs. I thought that was a great find. I'm a seasoned toker here. I roll joints and I love flavored papers yum :smoking: I love chatting online and making new friends too! I'm stuck here online I might as well have an interesting group of peepos hangin out with me. Thanks for letting me be in the forum, have a great day everyone! :wave:
  2. Welcome to the city!

    yeah I love goin to garage sales and the like, not too long ago I bought some blue liquer bottles with the bottom removed, they have a little thing that suspends candles in them so the room is bathed in blue light. But I generally use them as a gravity bong (some call them buckets).
  3. why in the fuck would anyone make a thread like this... and youre like "i roll joints and i love flavoured papers!"

    no offense but....n00bzorz!!!!11one

    not trying to be a dick, but seriously... who cares if you "garage sale"
  4. Welcome to the city but you posted this in the wrong section. It's cool though, your first post so the mods will cut you some slack.
  5. fuck all the hataz bro. who the fuck cares where u post shit watever man.

    but hell yea theres this 1 by me called columbus mart. they sell everything u cud ever want in a shor word 10 inch bubblers 30 bucks:D:hello::D:hello:

    and welcome, may the wisdom of grasscity be bestowed upon you.
  6. Look who's talking here Mr. 7 posts, and uses the word n00bzorz - with the zeros in place of o's, the use of multiple z's, and the exclamation points followed by the 11one.... dont you belong on some video game forum?
  7. Yeah, dude, every Saturday morning I check craigslist garage sales after reading about new buds on GC. You never know what you'll find. Most of my best stuff came from garage sales. Half of the fun is wondering why some other guy didn't realize how great his stuff was.

    Bought my last car at a garage sale. Where else would you buy a car? (1988 Honda Accord LXi sedan, 68000, $2600. Spotless. Those fools were suckers. Awesome car. The cops never pulled me over.)

    There's a lot of stereo gear in my area. People are going surround, so they sell their fancy gear for cheap. That's how I bought my Nakamichi amp.

    Some days the sales are just insane, and I have to resist buying everything.

  8. dude! its his first post, dont be such an ass. and yea i love garage sales and stuff like that. you can find soooo many sick old records and stuff. oh and welcome to the city, man.
  9. lol, i was wondering if anyone was 1337 enough to get that reference. your comment seriously made me lol.

    sorry, i was in a bad mood cuz i couldnt score any weed.

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