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Does anyone else hear music in their head?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by xerox1911, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Sometimes when I'm really baked I can hear my favorite song playing clearly in the background, even though it's completely silent in my room. It sounds so clear sometimes I wouldn't even be able to tell if it's really there or not.
    I'm not insane :smoke:
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRXZtpsscOc]Quagmire I Love A Rainy Night Short Version - YouTube[/ame]
  3. yes, when Im really stoned I can actually compose my own music in my head.....and I mean intricate symphony on the level of motzart.....I have no idea how to play or what notes it is or any of that but I can hear it clear as a bell and every little detail....once it was so beautiful I cried...lol
  4. When I first started toking I hears music, whispers, all sorts of Shit! But after like a month or two of smoking that started to mellow out, and now I don't feel that way at all.

    Your highs will get less intense as you develop a tollerance.

  5. Dude...... :eek:
  6. When I get stoned and do some sort of activity (watch a movie, gaming, listen to music) and later on I lay down on my bed trying to sleep, I can get a very annoying tone/melody in my head. Which makes it hard to sleep -.-''
  7. Sounds like this [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_xJcpi1hPM]Drums & Tuba- Brain Liaters - YouTube[/ame]
  8. i hear music in my head constantly...most of the songs ive written started in my head first...i hear complex shit up there haha
  9. I hear music in my head all the time - sometimes to the point that it gets annoying. LoL
  10. i just said this in another thread a little while ago, but this one deserves it too
    people like you really grind my gears :mad:

  11. Why does he grind your gears?
  12. because you dont hear or see things when your stoned and people who say they do and act like there tripping on weed really grind my gears
  13. Well, when I was just starting to smoke, some times I was so stoned that I heard distorted voices, and I knew they weren't real, but I kept hearing them hahaha, It doesn't happen anymore

  14. Dude, isnt it common knowledge that this happens, even when you're not high......
  15. [quote name='"stonerchick1990"']

    because you dont hear or see things when your stoned and people who say they do and act like there tripping on weed really grind my gears[/quote]

    It is a mild hallucinogenic compound. Auditory hallucinations are most common.
  16. I get auditory hallucinations and if I'm extremely baked I get closed eye hallucinations. :smoke:
  17. Sometimes I hear my friend laugh, even when shes nowhere near me
  18. You don't have to smoke weed for this to happen..you're human, and your imagination is beyond understanding.

  19. i feel ya, but i actually witnessed my friend ramon trip out hard after smoking too many bong hits...he screamed because of what he saw in the corner...

    everyones mind is different
  20. Sometimes I hear mariachi music, other times slight rock, better yet is when it is like Ska or Jazz.

    The mariachi music can be really out of place. I once got super blazed and I was alone in this dark house, everything was super creepy & all the furniture looked rearranged. I was going to the fridge to get some munchies, & I started to get a little bit more than spooked when I swear I felt something touch my foot. I freaked a bit, but as I started to panic, mariachi music started playing. I quickly forgot what I was scared of and started to pretend I was on Red Dead Redemption, talking in a mexican accent to myself 'Ayeee ese, you better not geeet in my wayeee'.

    Anyway, you get the point.

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