does anyone else hate when they go to take a little hit and accidently torch it all?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by norcalblaze, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I just wanted a little whiff and held the lighter on without noticing, looks like I'll be up late:rolleyes:
  2. weed helps me sleep, if that is what your talking about... wiff?
  3. haha usually means for me its time to sleep for a few days. When you look down and hope that brown gunky charred shit is lighter fluid, but to no avail...time to fallout lol
  4. yeah man, i do it all the time, it sucks, i just want a little pick-me-up, and i end up being spun to the curb the whole fuckin night.

  5. this ^

  6. he isnt talking about weed lol
  7. Speaking of, i just took such a fat rip, i could feel my pupils dilate. lol. such good speed. wowzorz.

  8. the thing that astonished tthe hell outta me is that shit, is hella lighter on your lungs than a rip of danks. Even the fattest jib rip feels like a small weed hit at best. Maybe because its a gas and doesnt expand like smoke from actual fire touching it?
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    Yeah your vaping it so essentially, its gonna be lighter smoke, the smoke issss so thin though, 2 secs after exhaling its pretty much gonzo, i love letting a fat rip just drift out of my mouth, mawfuckin dragon clouds.
  10. Lol what are you guys talking about?
  11. WTF is he talking about
  12. Meth...


    But yeah, I don't EVER have that problem.

    What goes in the bowl, doesn't STAY in the bowl for long.

  13. My first thought was that he's talking about weed....but it doesn't make any sense for it to keep him awake..
  14. whats the point of meth?explain?
  15. That's a dumb question. Tell me, what's the point of weed? To get fucking high. Same thing with meth, except you feel like shit when you come down
  16. the point of weed is to get can be used for construction and medical uses.

    meth is to just ruin your life...pointless
  17. Quoted for truth.

  18. /swish


  19. Yea I'm sure that people who do meth do it with the purpose of trying to ruin their lives. Makes sense. Weed has the potential to ruin your life too. ANY drug can ruin your life with sufficient abuse.

  20. Thank you fine sir.

    Lemme re-post that, i guess i deleted that post. lulz.

    Remember kids, Its not the drug, its how the individual doing the drug, handles themselves on the drug, don't blame it on the drug, blame it on the user.

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