Does anyone else hate when kids more than one ash catcher

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  1. i know i do. especially when kids rock like 3 ac in one bong. it just looks cluttered and stupid
  2. I don't "hate" it but it does seem to be a bit stupid and pointless for the most part, it also seems like a bad accident just waiting to happen
  3. Yea, i only have one ashcatcher, and if i had more i would never jeaporadize the safety of all that expensive glass on a not so thick joint on a costly gong, is not a good idea.
    Like meanstreak said, its just an accident waiting to happen, like, you dont stack glass's upside down in your kitchen.
  4. i just recently picked up my 2nd ashcatcher and i'm not gonna lie i did stack em up and smoke it with 2 a/c's on a single perc'ed bong. it was fun. but not somethin i'd do often. or do to try and show off. really smooth but added a lot of drag. but again, fun. lol
  5. The only reason id have more than 1 is if i lived alone..and they were going on some huge 4 foot monster awsome beast mode triple perc toro or some shit. Just to make it look even more crazy. I have 1 ashcatcher on my little bong and its a hassle to get everything setup to smoke..i prefer a standard bubbler
  6. I have multiple ashcatchers and inlines but I would never stack them.

    It add's drag, makes it hard to clear, and is overall a danger and a hassle. BUT I'm also not going to judge people for doing what they want with their glass, so have at it.
  7. I always rock one pre-cooler. I don't think my EHLE could hold anything more :D
  8. It just adds drag but I don't hate it when people do, It's their piece so let them smoke it how they like;)

    They paid for it, not you.
  9. Lol my two favorite pieces are my normal average sherlock style bubblers :smoking:

    As far as the multiple a/c goes i thiink that it kinda takes away from smoking. It is almost like your not smoking anymore. I don't think that you can taste the bud itself as well when it has to go through so many chambers. Some of the glass on here doesn't even look like a bong, but more like some science experiment. but of course to each his own, so who am I to judge. My fav bongs I have hit are just normal average bongs with an ashcatcher (maybe).
  10. Lol using mutliple a/cs does not make smoking loose its luster.

    I think its dumb when i see you tube vids of kids with a/cs pilled ontop of a/cs I mean they did that all for show. Tell me how good 6 ashcatchers really function ontop of each other. Im sure its fun for the first hit though.

    ps - a/c 's were created to break your bong
  11. Why would you hate that? Who gives a fuck? If it aint your bong there's nothing to get worked up about.
  12. lol i stacked my 3 ashcatchers once just to show off:smoking::smoking:

    but id never smoke with all of them at once. drag city
  13. This thread is ridiculous. Kids :rolleyes:
  14. i have several ashcatchers and have tried all different combinations of stacking just to test it out. i like to get milk vids with each combination just to look at when i feel like it, or show a friend my crazy "science experiment". the only one i enjoyed really is a small stemless gravatron ashcatcher on my inline ashcatcher as neither have to much drag.

    stacking a/c's is probable not the safest thing to do with your glass but if you can find a combination thats you like thats not to unstable or to much drag then i say go for it, but probably not as a daily driver.
  15. funny. i own a few a/c's. a hops inline, 6 arm canister and illy. i dont like stacking them but one of my friends always has to stack em all. i almost like to leave the room I get so nervous about breakage. Sometimes hell leave 2 stacked on there, just to prove that it will stand also...I do not like it but I am not gonna say I hate him for it

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