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does anyone else hate the word "pot"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hellbent, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. idk, to me pot just sounds so negative, it seems like something someone would call it when they were trying to say how bad it was or what ever. haha random i know, but i dont think ive ever used that word in a serious context
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  2. #2 travisnow420, Jan 27, 2010
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    or when people say something like "i didn't know they were getting high" like its the devil
    i hate the word pot too
  3. Actually no. I say pot,ganja, and cannabis. the most. I HATE when people say weed
  4. It's annoying, but I don't mind it's just a term thats been picked up over the years. I say Trees,Ganja,Marijuana,Bud.
  5. to be honest I hate most words for marijuana...i use either weed or bud but I kinda hate both...

    Pot is dated
    reefer is stupid
    weed is kind of wtf
    bud I think sounds dumb
    cannabis is unneccesary
    mary-jane is trying too hard
    ganja is alright I guess but i'd never say it, too weird
    marijuana is too technical and not practical...
    and anything else ive heard ive probably hated for some reason

    lol so idk I hate them all
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  6. It generally has a very negative connotation since it is the most commonly used by anti-marijuana propaganda.
  7. You forgot one that doesn't bother me much; "green"
  8. I don't really like pot or weed, they sound a little too much like a propaganda ad. I usually use bud or ganja, bud moreso. I suppose its all about personal preference.
  9. Yeah I hate when people use that word, it just gives me a negative vibe. I use tree or marijuana.
  10. Pigs use the word pot. I think it sounds bad to me. I like chicken salad or green t-shirts.
  11. I agree. Words I like are trees, green, nug
  12. Yeah because all the adults I know say pot... I tell them it's not call pot, its call weed!
  13. I hate "The Pot".
  14. why do i get the feeling i did this already?

    [ame=]YouTube - Let's go smoke some pot - dash rip rock[/ame]
  15. haha my friends dad calls it grass:smoke:
  16. I guess pot has a negative connotation but that's kind of what makes it so fun to say because that's what people who are misinformed call it lol
  17. seems like an aweful waste of hate dontchya think? It's just a word dude...
  18. Yes, I hate the words "pot" and "pothead". It sounds so negative and stereotypical of a bad person. I use the word "bud" or "buds," kinda like "Yo dude lets go smoke some buds."
  19. pot head.....smoking pot.....

    [ame=]YouTube - Origin of the word Pot[/ame]

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