Does anyone else go on highway cruises for fun?

Discussion in 'General' started by ToastAndBananas, May 10, 2011.

  1. Me and 3 other friends get in my car and all throw down $10.00-20 for gas and just get on the highway and cruise through the city or to the other side of the state or something on a normal basis. Nearly every night we do it and we just smoked about a quarter of some danks or more to ourselves and listen to trance music for about 3 or so hours and/or trip out. We normally leave around 11-midnight and get home at 2 or later.

    Its so relaxing and a fun thing to do and we get super blowed.. does anyone else do this or something similar???
  2. me and my buddies will cruise around on the high way in our own cars. We all have decently quick cars so we tool around with each other, and stop off at scenic places and take pictures of our cars.
  3. You cant find somewhere better to smoke?

    I mean... me and my buddies used to go on blunt rides, but we would usually have a destination in the end, like a buffet or a park or a river or something.

    Sounds like a good way to get caught smoking to be honest. Doing that for hours, several times a week?

  4. sick I do that too im real into cars. My other car is a cobalt ss with a stage 2 supercharger, full exhaust, headers, cold air intake tune ect. It beat a brand new camaro ss, a 90's corvette, trailblazer ss, new mustangs ect. It has around 400hp so i do that shit too haha

  5. Well we can smoke in my buddies house or anywhere. We usually pick a spot to visit during the ride like the mackinaw bridge or something and just go there and take pictures and smoke or something.

    We have never got caught or even pulled over. My car isnt suspicious, its a 4 door dodge intrepid. I have a $400.00 cop radar just in case although i use cruise control 90% of the time. Idk I also got limo tints on it so the car dosnt really light up when the lighters are sparked and a cop wouldnt be able to see a car of 4 kids cruising :)

  6. nice man, I have a red 2003 Infiniti G35 coupe , its got a JWT popcharger (basicly a CAI), custom magnaflow exhuast, and a 5/16 plenum spacer. I have a few pictures floating around in the automobile sub-forum

  7. here's 3 pictures of my cobalt for kicks


  8. IMO i think it would look better debadged and lowerd just a tad. But sharp looking car +rep

    Heres a few pics of mine for shits and giggles

    I need to sell her soon though because im having a kid :(. But that just means im going to get an even better 4 door car :p
  9. hey they make 2009 cobalt ss's with turbos instead of superchargers. they are faster, have better gas mileage (30+) and come with the option of 4 doors!!!! maybe you should look into that.

    Also those are pictures from before this winter. It is lowered 1 inch, it has new rims and red break pads, tinted windows, and i messed with the badges. I took off all the cobalt badges and chevy bowties. Where the bowties used to be i put the SS badges so above the trunkhold and on the grille and it looks sharp. I also got smoked led tail lights for my birthday that i gotta put on soon :)
  10. i did in jersey amd nyc. not in ar. sometimes though, cause the humid look to the trees makes it feel like a jungle when im super blazed with the right music man
  11. I might look into that, i love the sound of a supercharger whine though. I was looking into a 4 door G35x because its AWD, or a 07ish dodge charger r/t. I really want a caddy cts-v but thats a little out of my budget. That sounds pretty sweet what you did with your cobalt, you should post some pics when ever you get the chance.
  12. Last time I went with someone on a highway cruise they ended up taking me to the casino in Tampa.

  13. yeah I need to take some new ones soon for sure. the turbo still makes a nice noise and you can get a blow off valve for pretty cheap and then it sounds like its got a huge ass turbo!
    On the CobaltSS.Net Forums they have the 2009's retailing between $15-$20,000 with very low miles. The cobalt ss is the best car that it competes with like the sti and srt4 and shit. Do some research on this car you will be surprised how good of a car it really is.
  14. Used to do it all the time. it started out cause right after college all my friends and I were still living at home, so we couldnt really smoke anywhere else. Then, once we started finding our own places we still would do it every once in a while.
    But now gas prices are insane and therefore it is not worth it go ride for 30 min and waste a few gallons of gas.
  15. hmm i'll have to do some research, my price range is around 12k though, so maybe I can find one with a little more miles and take it for a spin and see how i like it.
  16. yeah good luck man.
  17. i love cruisin. i dont need a direction just give me the keys and a car and ill drive for hours. high or not. ridin in my boy's cars racin people on the highway is always fun to.
  18. Hell yeah!!! The best is when you're smoking or already high and you're blasting some trance or house or DUBSTEP! Wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub :hello: I wish gas wasn't so expensive.
  19. Gas is too exspensive

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