Does anyone else get really dumb?

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  1. So i've been smoking with friends for a few years now but whenever i'm high i just get really stupid lol. Does anyone else know what i'm talking about? My friends say they actually feel smarter when they're high but oh not me. Idk one time (this was like the highest i've ever been) some guy at an after party was trying to get me to play this video game and i just kept looking at him and the game controller confused. I honestly was so confused i kept saying it doesn't work but whenever he used it it would lol :confused: And another time i was getting dropped off and i couldn't open the door. It was just hard at the time. My friends joke about it but it's kind of embarrassing. I know it's what to except when you're high but i always feel like i'm on a different level then everyone else ha
  2. When I get really stoned, yeah. I forget to take hits and just pass it. Bitches don't call me out on it either LoL
  3. For me to become intellectually incapacitated I have to be incredibly baked. I'm talking way over my normal limit, at least 4-5x what I normally smoke.

    I'm not referring to you, I mean this in general: If you smoke like 1 bowl (which is the norm for me, and gets me nicely high) and you find yourself acting like an idiot, chances are you're stupid when you're sober.
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  5. Lol oh noo I'm talking like 3-4 bowls, although i also do stupid shit sober but definitely not anything like when i'm high.
  6. If weed makes a person act dumb, then that person is dumb.
  7. ^ this...

    People shouldn't toke if they just get stupid all the time.... I mean stupidly baked is fine every once in a while...but eh, I like that 'juuuust right' feeling.
  8. Your probably an amateur, you'll get used to it.
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    I'm not exactly the smartest person to start off with lol, But weed doesn't make me smarter or dumber, Just makes me think about stuff in more detail.

    Only time i get confused like that is when people try to talk to me about stuff that's way out of my depth.
  10. I remember my brother could not reload my friends bb gun, he had trouble closing the magazine into the gun..... and me and his friend laughed at how dumb he was and my bro just gave up. I picked it up and reloaded it my first try and taught him by showing him. He's like "dammmm son, i feel mad stupid!" xD
  11. Well, for me it decreases my ability to remember things like names even more than usual, but at the same time it increases focus. Sometimes when I'm super baked the focus can work against me because I'll get focused on a thought and forget my point, but that's mostly because it fucks with your memory and I type way too much more than I talk. lol As far as intelligence and knowledge, though, I'm still good to go when I'm stoned. I can still do math and such just fine as long as I don't have to remember formulas. lol

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