Does anyone else get a stuffy nose when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by novem, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Sounds to me like allergies. It happened to me and got so bad that I can't smoke anymore.
  2. My friend used to think that his stuffy noses were caused by something that he was allergic to in my car until we realized that he smokes weed every time he's in my vehicle.

    I'm a good pal:smoke:

  3. Is he allergic?
  4. Shit man you can be allergic to weed?
  5. with 400 different chemicals in marijuana, some people are just sensitive enough to get some type of allergic reaction.

  6. Yeah, I guess it's fairly rare though. I kept smoking when I just got a stuffy nose, and it got so bad that it was hard to breathe. I also got extremely itchy and had nerve pain. Hopefully it goes away eventually. :mad: I miss it so much :(
  7. Saline nasal spray. It's just saline so it will not do any damage long term. works like a charm.
  8. Fuck yea sometime's i feel like my nose has cotton mouth it suck's ass..
  9. might be, im pretty dam allergic to pollen so maybe that has something to do with it
  10. I do. I think it's probably a mild allergy, but not severe enough to stop me, by any means.

  11. Lucky you, damn my immune system.

  12. Do you take any kind of allergy medication? There are a lot of options out there...

  13. I did when I was younger for pollen, but none recently except benadryl. Any you can suggest? I miss weed so much.
  14. Same here. I never get a stuffy nose from smoking but if my nose is stuffy from a cold or my bad allergies, i just smoke and it goes away immediately :eek:

  15. It's expensive, but Zyrtec is awesome. Claritin-D is good too, they don't make you drowsy. Get a generic brand. Pretty much any allergy meds, NON DROWSY.
  16. Yes every time lol.
  17. Only sometimes. It's either a stuffy nose or cottonmouth, sometimes I get both, I'd be pissed about it if I was capable of feeling anger while stoned.
  18. No, but my friend gets it.
  19. Being allergic to weed has to be as bad as it gets. My condolences go out to all you guys and gals allergic to Mary Jane :(

  20. Yeah dude, it's the worst.:mad:

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