Does anyone else get a stuffy nose when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by novem, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Ok so usually after i blaze, i get a stuffy nose for 5-20 minutes. Does this happen to anyone else?:confused:
  2. Not to me, and it shouldn't happen to you either?

    Are you sure its only after you blaze?
  3. yeah its similar to cotton mouth
  4. Only now that I read this thread do I..thanks
  5. you're welcome :devious:
  6. It's awful, and I'm telling you it only bothers me when I check this thread!
  7. Oh my god, I get this too ....

    I have shitty sinuses though but smoking does tend to aggrivate the fuck out of them
  8. My nose runs like one of those barefoot Nigerian marathon dudes after I smoke.
  9. If I have a stuffy nose before smoking, after I smoke it's gone. Some how I think the hot smoke helps open up my sinuses, kinda makes since right?
  10. Yes, I get a stuffy nose, makes it hard to smoke before bed.
  11. that makes no sense.
  12. Well if I have a cold after I smoke every sign of it is gone. It's like a cure for the common cold. What...I think im on to sumthin....

  13. That's happened to me multiple times. And then when I don't have a stuffy nose and then I smoke, I suddenly have a stuffy nose.

    Here's a picture of Chewbacca to emphasize how it does not make sense.

  14. blow the smoke out of your nose,
    or give yourself self-shotties

    problem solved :D
  15. Nope.

    Eat something spicy.
  16. Yeah i do. kinda sucks.
  17. Your nose is not "stuffy". Your sinuses get temporarily inflamed from smoke irritation. Some people feel it, some people feel it more than others, and some don't at all.
  18. happens to me sometimes.
    sometimes if i smoke a bit more than usual and get really stoned ill get very itchy tho. like to the point where im just sitting there scratching everywhere its fuckin annoying. does that shit happen to anyone else?

  19. You might just be trippin' the fuck out.
  20. for some reason i always sneeze twice then my nose gets all stuffy..everytime i burn it happens

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