Does anyone else get a small headache from bad weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by LungsOfGreen, May 22, 2012.

  1. Well i ran dry today, and my step brother has been stay at my place lately, and before i went to work he asked me if i wanted to smoke. I said no because i couldn't go to work high today, my manager was interviewing people for stolen property and i didn't think me bursting out laughing at my managers horrible facial hair would be good.

    So when i came home my step brother was napping on the couch and left his weed on the table next to my favorite pipe. So i looked at the weed.

    I couldn't tell if it was oregano or weed, but then i found a few seeds and smelt it. After smoking 4 bowls of it, i don't feel as high as usual and had a minor headache. Anyone else get a headache when smoking bad weed?
  2. Why would you smoke something that you believe may be oregano? If it had seeds it probably wasn't but come on now...
  3. This one dealer I know,well his bud ALWAYS gives me a headache afterwards.

    At first its an amazing high and you're fucked up,but sure enough every time,you get a horrible headache.

    Even if you try to smoke more,you don't get anymore high and the headache stays.

    And it's not just me,my friends all have the same problem with his bud.

    I'm pretty sure it just isn't flushed right.

    Needless to say,I haven't bought herb off of him for a LONG time.

  4. Yeah, i said i thought it was oregano before i saw the seeds and smelt it. I'm saying it looked like oregano.

  5. Ohh man :smoke: I got you now. I have gotten headaches a few times coming down from some bud that had me super stoned, never felt pain during the session though
  6. Yeah, it was when i was coming down, but it didn't hurt to bad just kind of an annoyance.
  7. I get headaches a lot from certain weeds. Haven't been able to distinguish yet. Schwaggg usually gives me a headache if I don't nap... but I usually do.

    Generally, the weed that makes me all excited and giggly and cheesin and talking to myself and blaring music and driving 90mph, for about ten minutes, then i get all worn out... gives me a headache. Sativa, I spose. But I guess the experience is worth it.
    No it is. The best part of waking up.
  8. I feel like if the weed doesn't get me quite to the point of being high, or not high enough. I get a little headache.

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