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Does anyone else get a runny nose from smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cxsco, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I'm new to bud, only been doing it for three months or so. Last Thursday, I tried dabs for the first time, and was coughing for an hour. Friday, I took a big hit from my friend's 12 perk bong, and we hot boxed his car afterward. Since Saturday, my nose has been super runny, and I haven't been able to stop it. I blew my nose like I was exorcising satan, i took medicine, i drank tea, went for a walk, but no cigar. I smoked over the weekend too, and went through two bowls of kush on my own. (not that big of an accomplishment, but) Why won't my nose stop running? Does anyone else ever get this? Is my body just having a marijuana overload? Any help is appreciated (-:
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    That happened to me after a really intense Hotbox.The smoke probably irritated your sinuses, causing it to run. I wouldn't worry about it to much. If it gets worst or doesn't go away and you're getting really worried, visit a Doctor. Could always be allergies, too.
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    It may be from the heat: You should try a bong or a vaporizer -- they both deliver cooler hits. Vaporizers also deliver 3 times the THC to your bloodstream, for the same amount of weed.
    I'm also looking for a coil-operated lighter that I can use in a bowl, because that would also be cooler than a lighter flame.
    Or if you're in the Southern US, the pollen count has been very high, making people sick for the last few weeks.
  4. I only get a runny nose when I hotbox my car or room. I always felt since weed is a muscle relaxant that it relaxes the smooth muscles in your nasal cavity, causing it to run. I was always convinced because it sounds so scientific. But I could be wrong
  5. It'll go away.  One problem I always have is a TON of saliva forming the first few hits whenever I smoke.
  6. If I smoke a lot I feel kind if flu like for a minute after but it fades and so do I
  7. My nose gets really stopped up usually. Doesn't help the cotton mouth, because I usually have to resort to breathing with my mouth.
  8. Only happens to snotty nosed kids :) LOL jk
    Actually, I'm old... but with allergies, and sometimes yea, same thing... but it goes away pretty quick, and I never feel like I'm getting sick, or anything.
  9. Yes I have to blow my nose every time after I toke
  10. The cannabinoids in marijuana act similarly to mucinex. CBN and CNB help loosen mucus in your respitory tract, thats why many people will get a runny nose after smoking.
  11. Yeah it always happens when i smoke not really when i vape though
  12. Not for me, it's actually the opposite. My nose normally gets kinda dried up and stuffed.

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  13. Whenever I take a dab I get really hot start to sweat for a few minutes, cough a lot, and get a runny nose. It's like getting a cold for a few minutes after the hit. After it's done though, I feel better than before. The coughing especially, helps clear the lungs up.

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