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Does anyone else feel like this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShibbySchwab, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. My connect is real chill, and every single Sunday I go to his house and buy a half for $140. Every single time I end up staying for 3-4 hours and smoking a shitload of his weed. I always feel like a dick for smoking a bunch of his shit and none of mine, but my friends say he's a dealer so I shouldn't smoke him up. Do you guys match when you smoke with your dealer or do you just smoke his shit?
  2. idk maybe once and awhile offer to pack a bowl or two
  3. you HAVE to match one or you look like a peen bro.
  4. When I smoke with the person Im getting my weed off they usually offer up their weed, but I always pitch some too if not actually match, its common courtesy....he would probably never ask you to because again its just rude really, but he would probably respect you more if you did. He pays good money for his weed too! Most of my dealers are my firends, or sometimes I am myself, we go back and forth lol...So to answer the question no I dont feel like that because I would never do
  5. I always pack when ive got it, no matter who I'm with.
  6. Since it keeps happening, it's probably no biggie for him, but I'd probably advise you to pack a bowl or two, it's just a good look.
  7. Next time I would just be like "Hey man I'll match" or something like that. I'm sure he would think of that pretty highly (No pun intended) and maybe he'll start seriously hooking you up.
  8. Okay sounds like I'll be matching him next time, thanks
  9. heh i was thinking of pineapple express when you said you'd stay for a few hours and smoke. you guys must be pretty tight if he smokes you up all the time. or does he do that to everyone?
  10. Or even better, bring a blunt along with you next time you go pick up.

    Then... Fill it with your weed.

    Your dealer gives you a decent price and smokes you up often, id say you owe him a blunt.

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