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Does anyone else feel like its never enough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by porschetarbo, Jan 25, 2014.

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    I've been blazing for a year, and now blaze average 3 times a day. I can take bong tokes after bong tokes and the high will wear off so quick that I need to constantly be smoking to maintain the strong marijuana high. HOWEVER, I also cough a lot/get a lot of phlegm. The uncontrollable coughing is relieved with a beverage, but the lungs are still in a "weak state" where they are very prone to coughing when toking again. Then you toke again, and try to not cough. I can empty a medium sized grinder in one bong sesh by myself if I wanted to, and if my lungs can handle it. Many of my smokes end when my lungs can take no more. vape broke btw so bong chopping atm. 
    1) Does anyone else have crazy high tolerance like me? Bong chops after chops but wanting more, but lungs can't keep up with the demand for thc. 
    2) What does it mean if you cough A LOT? And have a lot of phlegm you need to spit after every toke? Damaged lungs? Need to lay off smoking? I have asthma...that probably has something to do with it?
    3) Ties to number 1...does this mean I'll have to start dabbing with a rig....I just am a really high tolerance kinda person?
    Edit: I am smoking GOOD weed. I just build up tolerance quick to the same weed. I need new weed. The first time I'll get high, then smoking the same stuff over and over I never get high enough. I do smoke quite a bit, but compared to my frinds it seems I have more tolerance. Switching strains every time you smoke is ideal but not feasible for the average person....

  2. I did the same thing for a little while and now I'm currently taking a tolerance break, which is what it sounds like you need. Yeah it sucks to not smoke for a little while, but overall it'll pay off and you'll save time, money and bud because you won't have to smoke so much to get a high that doesn't even hardly last. I would say try to not smoke for about 2 weeks and then do it, and you'll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes. Not only will your lungs be able to recover some, but like I said you won't have to smoke as much for hardly any effect. I used to smoke 3-5 times a day and got to the point I could smoke all night and hardly feel it. I took a break for 2 weeks, came back and got stoned like I did when I first started smoking and didn't even have to smoke as much. It's definitely worth it.
  3. Besides taking a T break, do some people naturally build up tolerance quicker or are all humans pretty much the same and follows the physics book for marijuana high?
  4. People smoking bong rips and not getting high? What kind of weed you smokin?
  5. I think everybody has different tolerance characteristics. I smoke very small and get really high and it takes a long time (weeks, maybe months) for my tolerance to go up. Yet some of my friends smoke like fuck and dont get as high as me sometimes.
    It's all to do with your brain and neurotransmitters etc 
  6. I'm lucky i get high really quick. I can get high smoking a .1 in my one hitter
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    You smoke while having asthma ? do some edibles instead, will help with both getting high and preserving your health.
  8. IF you're worried about your lungs, get a vaporizer. Not nearly as harsh.
  9. #9 porschetarbo, Jan 25, 2014
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    I do have a vape. Replacement whip is on the way.
    I had asthma when I was a kid, with inhaler and all. But I no longer need an inhaler since I was 12 or so....20 now. I don't know if that classifies me as having asthma or not?
    It's good weed, I just find that out of my friends I can smoke ALOT, and my tolerance seems to go up WAY FASTER, to the point that I need toke after toke just to hit the good high level and it quickly fades off. I've done T breaks before, they work, but I quickly build up toelrance again the next day....
    new weed helps but usually you have a strain for a couple days to a week and you switch...can't smoke new every time.
  10. You are not alone my friend. I am the same way! If it's the same weed I get high the first few times but after that it's more like a lulling buzz. Is that what you kind of feel like? You feel somewhat high but are obviously not. It's sort of hard to explain but I feel that you will understand.
    I have a solution or two. What I started doing was only buying grams from people. I know a lot of people with different strains so I can easily get a new gram a day. I find switching up the strain helps. I know you mentioned that already but I'm just telling you what works for me. 
    You say you smoke out of pretty much everything but don't get high? I would recommend using just one tool for now. I say that because if I smoke out of a pipe and I switch to a bong the next day, I get so much more ripped. Using every different kind of smoking tool everyday will definitely build up a tolerance.
    My second option, which I find works the best, no matter who you are, is to drink before you smoke.
    I know that's not very desirable because you can't really drink and smoke/drive but I live by myself so I don't really go anywhere.
    I usually find a good tv show, have a few beers, and take a small hit. You will find that the alcohol makes the high so much more intense. That's what I've been doing these last few days and my consumption of both alcohol and MJ has gone DOWN! Yet I still get drunk and high as fuck almost daily lol. 
    You will find that if you drink and smoke you only need to get a small buzz going and then take a small rip and then after that you are pretty much good for the night.
    Good Luck Man :p
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    Yeah I know what you mean about the lulling buzz high. I get exactly that.
    But I don't understand the part on different smoking devices. Wouldn't using all types of devices DECREASE tolerance? Because you shock your body each time. Having/using only one piece for a while....that tolerance will have built up on day 2.
    The drinking thing is definitely true, and buying grams is great but a huge hassle and cost factor. Great if you can afford it.
  12. You are definitely high but youre mind has conditioned itself to crave smoke so its more of something you want to be doing all the time. I have been toking daily for the past 9 years....ive been in your situation a couple times man. Just cut back and your tolerance will drop and your buzz will be stronger. Have a good one manSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. I remember I was drunk one time and started to toke up. I was so drunk that I kept thinking I wasn't getting high. After about 6 bong rips I said "fuck it" and stood up. As soon as I got on my feet the world literally shifted and began to melt -- I WAS FUCKED UP! Just a little funny story haha.
    Anyways, I'm not really sure what to tell you. I think you might just need a long tolerance break. I think the coughing and phlegm really isn't a good sign either, maybe the smoke is beginning to really screw with your lungs. Give it a few months (I know, it's a long time) to recover and start up again dude.
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    if you don't roll start rolling
    don't me get wrong a bong would fuck me up good but a joint is a little easier to inhale and I think you'll be able to find your groove and enjoy longer sessions
    the only cure for not enough bowl is a bigger one or a hand rolled smoke :smoking:
  15. but that's it man I don't like cleaning and packing bowls give one HUGE fucking bowl bro lmao
  16. #16 porschetarbo, Jan 27, 2014
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    Makes sense. The act of toking is fun.
    I've smoked jays before...they are alright. don't get me as high as bong though but good change.


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    One question.
    Why are you posting in the Seasoned Tokers section and not Tokers Q&A?
  18. smash down a few beers while you toke that usually ends any tolerance woes i have
  19. #19 porschetarbo, Feb 3, 2014
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    The beer thing totally works, however I find it clogs the marijuana high. 
    Pretty much the only things to do is cut back to reduce tolerance, new strain, or drink, none of which is a pleasant undertaking.

  20. Yes Iron lung come with time, you could either switch to concentrates (more bang for your buck) however expect tolerance to quickly ensue. That or simply take smaller snaps drinking something in between hits. Try a Marley's Mellow mood it's a tea and it coats your throat helps alot. Hope this helps

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