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Does anyone else feel brainwashed by the government?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Trixie5, Dec 29, 2012.

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    First off I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school. I love to enjoy a nice bowl or two before I go to bed (helps me wind down after a full day) I believe it's better than drinking every day that's for sure and have no plans to stop anytime soon. I like getting stoned with my buddies every now and then too, like everyone else. I was recently talking to some kids at lunch who were completely against marijuana smoking. They were actually hassling me and my friends about it. I'm not a stoner really I don't wake and bake I only smoke at night when I have free time. Why is it people are still so anti weed? These kids were literally upset that me and my friends like the occasional bowl. They kept saying how it kills brain cells and you will get nowhere in life smoking it. I completely disagree of course. I have a 3.6 GPA and am going to college next year for my MBA. According to these kids it's basically impossible because I like to smoke a bit. I blame school programs like DARE. I recall taking the classes in Elementary school and thinking anyone who used drugs was an idiot and basically was a waste of life. All because of this class that was forced on me when I was too young to understand the difference between heroin and pot.

    I just started smoking pot a year ago when I just turned 17. I smoked it on 4/20 with an ex gf of mine. I was really scared to try it because I thought I would end up a nobody with no job and no family like that stupid class said. Just because of that class I was scared af to try alcohol and weed. I feel like I was brain washed into thinking weed was like heroin and would ruin your life. I believe those kids had the same mentality I once had. I don't think it's there fault they were taught to think like that. I used to think like that. I used to look at kids who i know smoked and think "What a loser" Now that I smoke I feel like a total retard for not smoking earlier in life and feel people who are anti weed are the real idiots.

    I honestly feel bad for the people who have been brainwashed by the government and still have the mentality that weed ruins your life. They're missing out on the best shit ever. Anything can ruin your life if you do to much of it.

    How do you guys feel about the government implementing programs such as DARE?
  2. Schools have entire classes regarding the ill effects of cannabis, but they only tell you not to drink alcohol if you're going to drive...

    When I hear fucked up shit like that, it makes me want to blaze a bowl. Pardon my french.
  3. I think the worst part is...the lies that things like DARE tell us are not only counter-effective but dangerous. There are probably kids out there who are taught that weed and heroin are extremely dangerous and addicting. Then they find out the truth about weed and what are they supposed to believe about heroin now?

    So what if telling kids the truth about weed will make kids smoke it more? I think it'll keep kids from trying drugs that are ACTUALLY bad for them.
  4. Travel to other countries, especially non-western countries. Then you will realize good we have it and that our government is not nearly bad as you would think.
  5. I have to reluctantly agree...
  6. Maybe if you traveled to north Korea. Travel to any non-materialistic country and you will see the US is mocked for its stupidity and backwardness.

    And in case you guys didn't know, DARE took out cannabis from its program not too long ago :)
  7. I've been all over the world, no one mocks us (another wide misconception) anywhere I had been. Europeans are just as materialistic and when in China they basically said they wish they could be as materialistic as us because they have so little. The only true dissent I see towards America comes from Americans. I am hard pressed to believe everyone think we are so evil and greedy because I have traveled to 13 different countries and have never been shown any disrespect or have had our country talked down to like you claim.
  8. the government's attempts at brain washing only work on some people
  9. Yeah, its just like that. I honestly believe even if it gets completely legalized, people will still frown upon the herb. The funny thing is, I've talked to people who are all anti-weed and say it will ruin your life, most of them drink on a daily basis.

  10. .... The French hate us....
  11. I have traveled to other countries too. Namely in central America. I have seen no disrespect from those living there; I didn't mean it that way, I meant in our policies and general way of living. The poor will always want material things, an example would be those living in a tribe in a place such as New Guinea that long for living in America, with their big TVs and all those shiny things. In the same way an American could long for living the simple life in a tribe in New Guinea. Its a never ending cycle, you see. Materialism is very much wanted everywhere - there's a reason why its spreading around the globe to even third world countries.

    And yet, those third world countries that live in poverty are always the countries where the people are somehow happier.
  12. They are happier because their lives are not run by money and the things they own. It's a freedom I wish I could find.
  13. i agree, although i feel like year by year we are slowly moving in the right direction
  14. Broad statement, happiness is relative. I'm pretty damn happy with my life because I have seen what others live with. Seeing that and then living in America has shown me we really have no reason to complain because we really are in the greatest country and we are born with the ability to do almost anything because, simply put, we are Americans . We as a people are so blind at what we can accomplish individually simply because we were born in America.

    If you are all unhappy with your life, I say go live in a third world country, you probably won't enjoy it for so long. Be happy with what you have and with those around you and realize the government is not the knew causing your unhappiness.
  15. Follow your own path, make your own decisions, don't do what everybody else is doing just because they're doing it, come to your own conclusions, find out the truth about things for yourself, don't believe everything you hear.

    ^ Some good advice. :cool: :smoking: :eek:
  16. Happiness comes only by being truly thankful for what you've been blessed with, at least in my experience. People in 3rd world countries are generally happier because they don't waste their life away worrying about what they don't have and instead make the best of the shitty lives they DO have. Once you truly become appreciative for what you do have, you will be happy regardless of your situation.

    As far as what the OP said, it goes a lot farther than drugs son. We get lied to ALL the damn time and the majority of the American public buys it without question. Encourage people to question their reality. Don't go trying to argue to hard with people so stern in what they believe. Instead, encourage them to question their beliefs and research it for themselves. Stand up for yourself, but never expect to get any farther than "agree to disagree" in most cases like that. You're likely to convince someone who is still stuck in the middle of the debate, but the only way someone will change their mind from the other side is either smoking it or personal research.
  17. I once was but no more! Trying to be free from the system!
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    But "what I have" is material things. If any country has the most material things its definitely America. And if you find temporary happiness in material things, then you are no different than the majority of Americans. If you don't realize it now, you will realize later in life. Its called a "mid life crisis" and its totally normal to have for a materialistic person. Its a short time where you question your happiness and your place in the world, but don't worry, because it'll go away. You will soon become distracted with more material things and forget about it. Its similar to the whole rebellion phase a teenager has - they are at a point where they begin to think, and question society and their values. But this goes away too, because that teenager becomes an adult and becomes a part of the workforce and becomes a consumer, and is utterly distracted from his thoughts yet again.

    Materialism are like hard drugs; you can enjoy them, you can be happy while under their influence. But at some point you will realize they are doing you no good, they are temporary relief. You can never get enough. And if not that, then you will simply continue to be intoxicated with their effects until your death.

    I agree you should appreciate food because not everyone has it. You should appreciate your home because not everyone has one. This should not bring you happiness, this should bring sadness. A human being should feel compassion for its fellow human beings. The fact that you have something someone else isn't able to have is a direct result of materialism and the pursuit of wealth. Its ordinary for someone to say "appreciate what you have" and continue to contribute to our failed system. To actually do something about it is considered extraordinary.

    Our government is the cause of this, because they control wealth (when I say they, I mean specifically the Federal Reserve) and they control where the money goes. The fact that you can live in poverty right next to a rich banker shows what our government has done. Of course, we as consumers keep this government alive. We continuously feed it so it doesn't die, most of us do it without realizing the impact we are making. To put it simply, the monetary system is a failure. We as a society are a failure. We will either realize this and make drastic changes, or we will destroy ourselves. And this isn't in the distant future; this is very near.

    In a way, you're totally right, its not our government. But they contribute to the game and are the main players. They are not stupid, they know very well what's going on but the people they manipulate are stupid. They don't say a peep, so the government keeps playing the game. Those in charge of poverty are our rich Americans: our bankers. They are in charge of our economy and they practically have our government and the people by the neck. And all of this.. because of money. Wars, economic depressions, prohibition, materialism, religion, all because of money. Is it evident now that it doesn't work? America is the greatest because it is the richest. Is this not so?

    We are raised from birth to be workers, not thinkers. If you don't contribute to their system it will die, like a plant without water.
  19. Two cents from a non American.
    Do kids in public schools really have to recite the pledge of allegiance every day at school as I'm lead to believe? If so that is the most blatant brainwashing ever.
  20. we sure do ahah. but in my school you dont have to say it or put your hand over your heart. you can just stand there silently

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