Does anyone else ever wonder this?

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  1. I was smoking earlier, and I kept wondering to myself, I wonder if most of the people who are in templates for memes, such as that really high guy, know that they are memes? Idk why, but I kept wondering what they think about themselves being memes. Only one i can think of where i've seen someone come out and say something about knowing their a meme is Scumbad Steve.

    Wouldn't most people be like trying to get interviews or something, or telling a bunch of people about how they are all over the internet and stuff, unless theyre embarassed by it?

    Basically, what do you tink most of the people who are part of one think about it when they come across themselves all the time?
  2. Scumbag Steve is my favorite lmao also good guy Greg or whatever. And if anyone knows who camel jockey is, he knows he's a meme
  3. I just found some of the interview stuff ive seen on Steve pretty interesting, I just think it would be amazing to see what some of the others think about their memes as well!
  4. I'd assume that the guy who was caught blazed doesn't want the publicity... It's a shame that it's such a "taboo" thing over here. As for the others, there are quite a few who got interviews and fame. I guess it all depends on how popular the meme is.
  5. And yo, you from Lafayette Indiana?
  6. Naw, Lafayette, Louisiana

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