Does anyone else dread having to kill their plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SlinkySlekker, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. They each have little personalities. They like classical music, drink bottled water and they’re working very hard every day. Yes, anthropomorphism is weird when it comes to plants, but they’re clearly living creatures. I hate that they’re just going to die, but I really do need them to make my dad’s medicine.

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  2. No. Not really. By the time harvest comes,
    I'm usually pretty desperate anyway.

    At that point, I just want her dry and
    ready to use as soon as possible.
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  3. Yep...Same way I feel about catfish...But I eat 'em anyway, LOL
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  4. They never really die as they are all born again since I clone everything.

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  5. Have you been watching Disjointed on Netflix?

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  6. Nailed it....
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  7. I know , I can here my plants screaming as I cut the buds off .

    Kind of like the Mexican Oh no bird .
    There is a black bird down in Mexico , it has legs about 1 inch long and balls the size of a base ball .
    Its called the Mexican Oh No Bird .
    Every time its coming in for a landing you can here the bird scream for miles Oh No Oh No.
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  8. Yeah....I dread it.....cuz I know trimming is in my very near future......but that's the ONLY reason
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  9. It's just a plant. Kill it, burn it, plant some more. You'll get over that silliness in time.
  10. A lot of em I do regret taking down, but a lot of em I'm like, "You totally deserve this, bitch!" Just depends on how much trouble they give me. haha
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  11. Yes but for a completely different reason. I just hate trimming. It's tedious as hell and my back aches like crazy after a short time. Sometimes I have to drag it out over a couple of weeks
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