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does anyone else dislike indicas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 979069, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. honestly it just really make me feel that high, just my body does. but sativas is the bestt head fuck of all time lol
  2. I wouldn't say a dislike indicas
    but I prefer sativa leaning strains

    To me the perfect strain is a 50/50 hybrid
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  3. hyrbids good, indicas are meh, but sativas are best.
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  4. Indicas and sativias are really just a thing of the past when it has to do with thc and cbd. Sativa grows long and indica grows bushy. Your thc content is from genetics and from your time of harvest. Hence your high is from the farmers skills.
  5. ya I like sativas too for there mental effects . nothing like tripping, seeing tracers, or having what some people call an anxiety attack is what I call fun.
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  6. i feel like sativas are a stronger high since its all brain pretty much
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  7. Yeah. I like the effects because I sleep like a baby. But if I decide to pass my limits I give myself a panic attack

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  8. og kush is hybrid btw and cool link
  9. If you want Heavy Duty Panic Attack Sativa?? look no further than

    Swami/Nevils 1988 Release of NL5/Haze. Ive had people get mad at me over this stuff. They get sick, Paranoid ,and panic attacks. And its Very Long Lasting. Hours. 3-4.

    Ive had people swear I put PCP in it.

    Originally when this stuff came out from Nevil in 88, it came with a Warning, and is supposed to be the ONLY strain that ever came with a warning.

    Its Very Powerful, and if you use it in a cross, will dominate everything it come into contact with. Especially if you use a male of it, of which most use the male.

    Swami Organic Seeds. $100 for 15, and he usually gives extras, and may even throw in a free pack. HE has or me 2 out of 2x.

    Swami also has the Real Deal 1979 x Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie from Mr Greengenes. Only 2 people have the original Mr Greengenes genetics. Swami, and Verdant Green. All others are crosses, or imposters. Mr Greengenes is the originator of CB/MW.
  10. I honestly prefer indicas, I mostly smoke at night when I am going to chill to a movie or go to bed. Works perfectly for me. A indica heavy hybrid is preferred though.
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  11. I love weed.

    Indicas give a better stoned feeling but sativa take you higher. It's all a good vibes feel anyhow.
  12. I too like it all. I grow and have smoked indicas mostly so when I went on a recent CO trip I went all Sativa. I liked them (Durbin Poison, Red-headed Stranger, Sour Diesel, Lavender Jones) but none packed the punch my own stuff has and I can get Sativa type stuff by harvesting earlier.
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  13. and where do I buy these beans? I been outta the seed buyin game a few years and now it looks like most of the vendors don't accept anything but money orders if you are in the USA.
  14. I prefer indica, but to each his own. I've always felt like it just hit me harder. Sativa is great as well, they just sometimes make me think at a million miles an hour when I'm trying to slow things down.

    I'm not sure where you get these exact seeds, but there's a section here on GC for seedbanks that's definitely worth checking out. It can be hit or miss though if you're trying to use a card, I had to sent cash overseas to Sannies seeds but I still got mine

  15. I used to be able to just order from attitude, herbies, etc with a card no problems but it seems with more states going legal these banks are trying to distance themselves. I believe I was able to use The Vault last time still with a credit card. I know one of them still worked cus I did a recent seed order probably 6 months ago. Looking to do another.

    Want to do some more designer strains now though. Thinking of ordering some from Dr Greenthumb that crazy site from the 90s but the genetics seem pretty dope. expensive. I'd like to get some unique genetics to grow alongside my high yielding indica's and hybrids.
  16. I've never ordered from those banks but I've definitely read mixed things on different forums about taking CC or not. ive used the dank team and they're US based and got some nice genetics but most of their website is sold out every time I check it out
  17. different effects= is all in the terpenes... indica strains have myrcene in them... that is the relaxer and really the only difference in sativa/indica... sativa will have more D-limonene type terpenes that uplift and energize
  18. I love to smoke sativas but growing indicas just makes a lot of sense. Indicas typically yield more and finish faster. I believe hybrids are the future.
  19. I think we can all agree, just wish weed high lasted longer. :(

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