Does anyone else actually enjoy their vape pen when vaping green?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by theGDOne, Nov 16, 2014.

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    I've seen a lot of displeasure around the internet for vape pens when it comes to vaping dry herbs. 
    I obviously got one to smoke pot and have really been enjoying it so far. It gives me a nice head high with no coughing or red eyes. 
    I know the "combust on coil" problem many have with these products, but is that the only reason you dislike it? As in, you just don't want to have to place glass screens in there or are there other reasons you'd prefer a different vape or just smoking? 
    I've been using my Atmos R2 for a few days (it's admittedly my first vaporizer), and with a glass screen it works perfect. I know it's not burning because I have no ashy leaves or anything. At the most I'll get a little speck that fell through onto the coil and i'll have to burn it for a second while emptying the pen to get it out. Other than that, it's all vapor, no smoke .
    So, i've only noticed good things so far. Maybe the longevity of the pieces are the problem?
    I'm honestly just curious toward anyone's experience with vape pens for dry herbs, and wondering if I'm the only person here who doesn't mind using one for that purpose? 
    BONUS QUESTION: Instead of two rapid-fire posts in a row, I figured I'd ask my other question here, too. Pretty up front... WIth an Atmos R2, are there any interchangeable tanks I can snag? Either to more personalize the pen, or just for other substances (liquids instead of herbs). Thanks for any help! 

  2. The glass screen systems are horrible. They produce such shitty weak vapor it is mind boggling that anyone would actually like one to me. They are a horrible band aid slapped on to a horrible design that just doesnt work correctly.
  3. Well like I said this is my first vaporizer... but I tend to get a decent amount of vapor with my hits. What exactly doesn't work about it from your experience? Just a lack of vapor? 
    I got nice big hits of vapor off my pen... maybe you just got a weaker unit? I dunno, the vapor seems fine to me. 
    Either way, can you make a suggestion toward a vapor I should try for comparison? Something not terribly expensive? 
    And THAT is why you like your vape pen.
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    Yeah so... suggestions for a better one? Like I said if the only problem is lack of vapor, that's really not a problem for me as mine produces nice big hits, so I'm interested in finding another model to compare and see what the big difference is. 
  6. I personally have used the mflb the most for dry herb, and I hear the firefly is nice, but definitely on the pricier side and more suspicious if it were to be used out in the open. Just some suggestions. Can't say shit about dry herb pens other than what I've heard. So hell, if yours works for you and you like it, and it's still super stealthy then it's whatever man.

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  7. If you want a benchmark for the best vapor quality that a portable vape can offer you should try the Arizer Solo (my opinion). Anyway, if you ever tried one of the pricier units you'd understand why people don't like to vape dry herb from the pen systems. They're decent for waxes and concentrates but pretty crappy for dry herb. Some other recommendations I have would be the DaVinci Ascent, the new Crafty by Storz and Bickle or the Pax Ploom. Try one of those and you'll get it.  

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