Does anyone do this?

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  1. Let's say you only want to grow over the winter and plan on shutting down your equipment for the rest of the year....Does anyone grow for product then grow for seeds? Let me illustrate this

    1. Germinate your seeds and Veg them

    2. Take clone cuttings from each plant and allow them to flower

    3. Discover you have both male and female plants.

    4. Isolate the male plant so that it is continually veging.

    5. Take clones, Grow your females and harvest

    6. Decide that you have enough bud for the year and then decide you want to shut down your equipment, but you loved the strain you grew, so you want to have seeds for next year.

    7. Put the quarenteened male and mother plant in the flowering room and let the male nad sap (pollen) crawl into the vag (pistal) of the mother plant and then wallah, have seeds for next season and some decent bud that you can use for either smoking or edibles.

    Sorry, I numbered it, but that was the only way I could do it to keep myself straight.

    Anyone do this/consider this for a small/personal grow?


  2. i guess you could do it that way. but think about it for a second, wouldnt it be easier just to keep that mother plant alive for the next 6-7 months till you cut summore clones for next season??

    really wouldn't be that hard.... get a timer and set it to 18/6 or go without and just go 24/7.... you really would only need probaly (2 or 3) of the 26w equivalant cfl's to keep a mother plant healthy enough to take cuttings later on....

    i guess if you REALLLLY didnt wanna water every so often you could do the seed thing... idk me personally id buy a 2x2 or 3x3 box and just stuff the mother in there and forget about her except for 2x a week waterings.... if you couldnt keep the mom alive that long than just take a few clones and make a new mom once the old ones about to die....

    thats what id do atleast, just my .02
  3. If you can grow the male in another area away from the females, simply collect the pollen from the male in a baggie, and then you can selectively apply the pollen to the females, controlling the number of buds that get seeded. You could do that right at the beginning of your grow, and not have to waste nutes and time keeping the male alive for longer than it takes to drop the pollen.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I never thought about select breading. The reason why I would want to go to seed is to reduce risk of getting caught/save money (light energy adds up in the long run). :)
  5. Just don't forget to turn off your fans when applying the pollen to the buds, or else it will blow all over the grow!
  6. Get the mother, Put in veg under 18/6 with about 75 watts...

    Take clones if your mother is getting to big, ditch the mum and raise the clones, more mothers to take clones from later.... Etc etc until your ready to flower them..
  7. I typically use the "off" season to produce seed from the strains I like. I typically try at least one new outdoor strain each year, and if I like it, I germ what seed I have left. I almost always get at least one female, pollinate her, and produce seed. I like to keep the strain pure, so I don't cross pollinate other females. Using this process, I usually produce enough seed for a couple of years. I try to use it up or trade it among friends for new strains before it gets too old. And it gives me something to do in the winter!!

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