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Does anyone do this to the ice they put in their bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BaconDan, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. in December, while i was staying with my sister for maybe the third time in 100 years (literally) it snowed. i scraped some of the snow off and put it into my bong. it changed my life. Ever since then i have been putting ice into a blender and creating artificial ice. anyone else do this?

  2. i always put snow in my bongs man. If youre having an outside sesh or drivin around stop pick up a few handfuls of snow and put it in....sooo icy tokes man
  3. I put snow in my friends illadelph every single time we blaze now. its revolutionary!
  4. Slushy water for sure. Not the most convenient to make yourself but adding some snow to water works smooth.
  5. yea man. i live in minnesota and put snow in my bong all winter.
  6. If I use ice I prefer to just stick with the cubes, crushed ice melts faster and fucks with my water levels.

    It's been snowing here in Oklahoma though, obviously, I put some snow ontop of my ice pinches the other day, was fun.

    Check this out for a trip though, I've still been meaning to order some:


    Chillers - Silicone Ice Bolt Trays. - English -

    Apparently the design provides maximum cooling.
  7. i live in des moines iowa -25 wind chill today went outside put some snow in our zong cant even feel the hit its like i didnt even breath in any smoke

    hey close your eyes while you breath it out amazing
  8. As a Canadian, I am so stoked to find more uses of snow! So excited to try this!
  9. I'll only use snow when i smoke outside, and either my water bottle is frozen, or i forgot to bring one. -
  10. this is great + rep op
  11. I did this last winter out of a small bong. It was ridiculously great since the smoke was ultra smooth. I unfortunately haven't done that this time around.

    I'm gonna aim do it once more before this winter ends. :smoke:

  12. pfft up here in Ottawa thats without wind chill. I'm going to put some snow in my bong right now :D

  13. i feel sorry for you brother lol i am bitchin bout it here and you have to deal with this without wind ha

    its gunna be 30 tomorrow almost shorts weather woowooo
  14. OMG!!!! Why have I never thought of this? THIS IS A REVOLUTION!!!

    Smoothest hit I've ever had out of this bong (its just a cheap acrylic... I'm broke college student), it was almost as if it was glass. Couldn't feel a thing.

    Its not that bad man, after 20 years you kind of get used it.
  15. to be honest the thought of running smoke through snow has always sketched me out a little bit. i mean the world is so fuckin poluted and snow is just frozen water that came from out poluted ass earth.

    i use ice cubes and once in a while i will use a blender to make homemade snow. but most of the time i use absolutly nothing.

  16. just dont use yellow snow you will be alright lol
  17. thats not true though. snow is really good at sucking up air born pollution. it can be white fluffy never before touched snow, and still have shit in it (not actual shit, but pollutants).

    so say, any one god forbid is driving while it is snowing, there is exaust fumes going into the snow in that area. the snow can still be white, but it will be full of exaust from tail pipes of cars and shit. even before the snow hits the ground it is full of shit, and snow can fly around for a good ammount of time before actully hitting the ground.

    and exhaust is not the only thing that can polute the snow, any air born polutants can. but think how many people are driving right now.

  18. i was making a joke;) yellow snow... urine hahah
    but i know what you mean by that but wouldnt that also go torward water when it rains then into our drinking water or water we put into the bong lol

    the fridge may say its filtered but doesnt mean it actually is and in tap water there are hard minerals still in it is that bad???
  19. Studek, I felt I had to share with you that -25 F (wind chill) = -31 C (with or without windchill).

    Its actually really nice out today, only -19 lol :)
  20. cold is cold once the temp is negative it doesnt matter all feels the same ha im ready for summer

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