Does anyone do heavy labor for a living and how does it effect your workouts?

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  1. Hello blades,

    Curious to see if anyone on the forums works a job which involves moderate to heavy physical labor i.e. ( construction, landscaping, wrenching etc.)?

    If so, how does this effect your workouts? Do you workout before or after work? Do you take any supplements? How is your diet?

    Speak to me grasscity labor dudes
  2. I worked in construction for a year or so, when I was 19-20 years old. My main job was working as a laborer for a bricklayer, so this meant lots of lifting (I gained muscle from this alone). The bricklayers were too lazy to help moving bricks, so us laborers did it all for them.

    I worked out 2 or 3 times a week with no serious problems, always after work. However, it was far more tiring than if I had worked another job that didn't involve so much physical work. I also needed to eat more food/protein than otherwise, because I was realistically doing two forms of 'workout' at once (one at work, one at the gym). I really just should've started drinking a protein shake.

    Another problem was having sore muscles while at work. It can be a literal pain doing physical work when your muscles are already hurting from the workout last night.

    Really though, I felt I was able to manage. It was just a matter of whether I had the energy and the diet to keep my body going.

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