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Does anyone carry a smokers pouch?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sp221, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Am I the only one that has a smokers pouch that contains a lighter, papers, cologne, gum, and eye drops? I have this so when i'm on the run I don't have to look for my things and am always prepared. Does anyone else have something similar?
  2. I have one. With exact same things in it I call mine a ditty bag.
  3. I have mine in a old PSP case. It's my Portable Smoking Pack :D
  4. Yup. Tupperware container that has my weed, grinder, papers, lighter, filter paper, pipe, sploof, extra ziplock, small stick to pack down joints. All the necessities.
  5. I have a little Nike bag that I use, my bowl, lighter, weed, etc. is just too much to carry.
  6. Cargo shorts.
  7. Deck box for cards, in it I have a little container with weed, lighter, one hitter, and currently 2 bowls and a slide for a bong. Although sometimes I swap a grinder in instead of the bowl and slide.
  8. I don't have one but that's a great idea.
  9. my purse haha :]
  10. I've got a small Altoids tin for my bud, then a normal sized tin to hold the smaller tin, plus a sneak-a-toke.
  11. Backpack. No gum, dont buy eye drops. Papers i do have which is rare because i hate buying papers. But my friend decided to buy me some rice papers and some organic hemp papers which i have been enjoying.
  12. Yea i have a little pouch i got back in junior year. It fits my pipe and my medicine. It says "High Honor Roll" lol yeah :D
  13. I have 2 small Tupperware containers; one holds grinder, papers, roaches the other is for ground bud :)
  14. Nope I don't mind if my eyes are hazed or I smell like reefer drugs. God bless California and Canada. It also helps that I never drive any longer because public transit is much more economical and better for the environment than a bunch of jonesers driving their selfish bottoms around.
  15. I do when I'm staying somewhere for the night. Otherwise not really
  16. Always, in my purse. I like going on Etsy and shopping for a new cute pouch every now and then, too. Anything to keep it clean and tidy.
    In it I usually have:
    -bowl (one hitter or my little one, both glass)
    -small altoid tin for ground bud
    -mints (or travel toothpaste, which works even better)
    -small perfume roller or travel febreeze
    -a dryer sheet (keeps the whole thing smelling like fresh laundry. I take it out when I'm not in public, though, otherwise my pieces start tasting like Bounce.)
    -sometimes my small grinder, although not usually recently since I just grind up before I go
    -a cliff bar (I'm definitely a munchies person.)

    I'm in college, so I usually smoke first and then leave for class or work or whatever, (and leave my pouch at home). But if I'm going to be meeting people to smoke, or smoking in the parking lot before class (always fun), then I'll take it. Never gotten caught with it before. Sometimes I'll put tampons on top, if I'm feeling paranoid. Nothing stops campus safety officers faster than lady products. :D
  17. nope, but im bout to get one its the best idea ever. im always too high to remember something and i get mad
  18. I'll put extra shit in my bong or bubbler case if it'll fit, but the rest usually goes in my pockets
  19. #20 cuddercudi, Aug 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012
    i used my laptop pouch as my weed pouch. contains a small bong, weeds in ziploc, lighter, stick, papers and mints. used to bring eye drops. now my eyes just never gets red.

    frm teh intrntz: [​IMG]

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