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Does anybody know the rapper lil wayne's phone number?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tiger, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Great rapper I love that guy, anybody have his number? He's my boy
  2. better yet, you give me your number and ill have him call you
  3. wow that was gay

    but yeah lil wayne sucks ass now, y would u want his number...?

  4. hes my boy i wanna call tht ***** up
  5. That guy sucks.Best rapper alive my ass.
  6. you know how many fuckers prolly call him tellin him what a huge fan they are.. he'll prolly diss u
  7. I like lil wayne, allright.

    Don't really see why so many people hate him so much.

  8. I looove the grimey old lil wayne songs like gettin some head, all those older mixtapes.
  9. who's lil wayne????
  10. Because he doesn't write his own music. He's a cover artist.
  11. His phone number is 867-5309

    I got it.

    I GOT IT!!!!!!!
  12. two eight one, three three oh, eight zero zero fo
  13. Even if somebody has his number, you think they would give it to you? TRUST ME, he doesn't need to hear from his fans.
  14. I got wayne's number on my wall!

    For a good time, for a good time, call!
    :yay: :laughing:
  15. Hence DOA, when Jay Z killed Lil Wayne and many others in one song.
  16. A sucky ass rapper.

  17. your right. he needs to hear from the 90% of people that see him as a talentless fraud..
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Agreed, he is nothing more than a money maker. Labeling him as great, should be punishable with a small bottle of Tabasco sauce, inserted in your rectum.
  20. yo, i seriously have his number. it's (706) 649-7850.

    if you call and ask him, he will send you free weed and any other narcotics you might want for free.
    just say you're calling about the "free narcotics" and then give him your contact information so he'll know where to send it.

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