Does anybody know anything about the strain Diesel

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BLUNTMASTER801, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. i just got 4 diesel seedlings, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how it's gonna grow and smoke.
  2. we get it here in n.y., but they call it Brooklyn diesel.... its kinda pricey but well worth it. its earthy tasting and gets you nice and blazed.
  3. NYC Diesel won 2nd place for Best Strain of Marijuana/Coffeeshop and 2nd place for Best Sativa Strain/Seed Company at the 2002 Cannibis Cup
  4. Diesel, well you have to hit the glow plug for a while to get it started, then it knocks and pings the whole time your running on it.
    It gives off more exhaust and fumes than regular, but it gets better mileage than regular. :D

    Oh my mistake, your talking about MJ, not fuels. :D
  5. my friend that i got the seedlings from was in NYC for a couple of months and came back with a bunch of seeds, and a bunch of mj too. i only got to smoke a joint of it, but it was the best i've ever smoked. he told me yesterday that it's "Sour Diesel", is there any difference?
  6. Sour Deisel is Sage + Deisel. It's bomb. 20% thc or so
  7. BBP, I know those problems, thats why i hate diesel. I had a mercedes i had to do that everytie cause it was broken on the dash. damn glow plugs was automatic, i was happy. Then it breaks and turns manual, i was pissed but i still had a nice car
  8. Last NYC Diesel I had had a light citrus twinge to it, but the Sour Diesel I had tasted more like a grapefruit. The NYC was much more of a head high, good for the day. Sour Diesel was much more stonie. That was my experience at least.

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