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does anybody JUST use edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by aldkgh, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. like does anybody out there only make edibles and NEVER smoke it ?
    i think i might start , after having my first firecracker today i`m a changed man , the high lasts so long , basically all day!
  2. y only choose one? u could vape if ur reasoning is harm from smoke.
  3. well , i would never turn down a bong hit or a joint , but eating it is so convenient becuase it lasts the whole day and no smell of smoke
  4. Vape it and then make edibles imo
  5. This is the code I live my life by.
  6. I've started to only use edibles recently. I seem to go through phases of what I use to get high and now it's edibles haha.
  7. i get high in this order

    1) vape through an eighth
    2) at the end of the month after i finish my fresh bud i make some firecrackers with the abv.
    3) i get some other friends together and eat all of the eighth right before a trippy movie.

    then a day later ill buy another eighth and repeat
  8. Being the fact that I can't roll to good if I fuck up the joint once ill just make brownies or firecrackers only really smoke joints if I'm smoking with someone

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