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Does Anybody Here Smoke This Much Kush??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fuzee, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. [ame=]Juelz Santana Road To Reagan Era Pt. 2 Smokers Blog! - YouTube[/ame]
  2. fuck this thread... for your title:cool:
  3. how exactly do you know its kush? im just messin but stop refering to weed as kush even if its dank.
  4. chiefed a 3.5 gram blunt of ground kush in one i just smoke paper if possible
  5. fuck u. il call my weed whateva i want
  6. that's very homosexual of you:cool:
  7. I smoke more kush than them.

    I win
  9. Yeah but, what if you know the strain name and that it's also dank. Do you say "damnnn son this Hindu Kush is Kush as fuck!" (?)
  10. yes i smoke probably a half of different kush stains throughout the week for insomnia so yea and at least another quarter/half of sativas a week so ill take 2nd
  11. AWW nig! Now u just beein redundent. Fssshhh
  12. bummmp.
  13. why bump a pointless thread
  14. "this is what you call to compacity!"

    Whats up Juelz :ey:

    "Quality, over Quantity."
  15. Oh, bless you.
  16. i actually smoke like this on the weekends. and BOY does my throat pay for it. if anyone is wondering about doing this, dont smoke blunts. its jst HORRIBLE for u. trust me 1000x over! please jst dont. stick to the RAW organics.

    another thing.. dont try those gas masks. they suck. burns ur eyes, u hit stale smoke. and it jst SUCKS. its kinda like a one time thing.. like a "why did i just do that" kinda thing.
  17. ^^^ close your eyes.

    "Quality, over Quantity."
  18. Lol he can't roll. These swaggots ruin weed for everyone. They do it for glamour and not to enjoy what the herb really has to offer. Pisses me off.
  19. dude needs to learn how to roll
  20. I use to smoke a lot more than that. I think it did something to my brain because I'm like a completely different person. I go back and look at threads I made here and I wonder where that person went. A lot of weed is never good :/, at least for long periods of time.

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