Does anybody here own a

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  1. actually i have a few legit ones from australia. id post some pictures but im at college now.

    They were made by legit aboriginis and i also have a didjiridoo
  2. Damn. Do they work?
  3. I tested one out and it worked ok, but i have no idea how to throw one right. the other one i didnt try because it is a really nice one with some crazy paintings on it so i didnt want to throw it.

    I can play the didjiridoo pretty good tho :D
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    i used to have one. just a little cheap ass one when i was a kid. it would never come back to me, though. :(

    but i had a teacher when i was younger that was from australia or something and she showed us it or something. i don't know, i forget.

    edit - actually, i think that last part was actually from franklin or something.
    HAHAHAHA. wtf! i confuse my own life events with fucking cartoons now?
  5. i used to have one for my dog but i couldn't throw it right.
  6. I have one...

    Tried throwing that fucker away countless times, but it keeps coming right back. :confused:
  7. im from aus and all i can say is that to throw it correctly all you have to do is throw it holding the part below the elbow (so you have more sticking out the top of your hand then the bottom) then throw it about 30 degrees away from your throwing arm on a 45 degree slant :hello: goodluck blades haha36666666
  8. Closest I had to a boomerang was one of these nerf ones when I was a kid..


    Mine was green though..

    I could get it to come back to me after a lil practice.
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    :laughing: damn you. You got this stuck in my head.

  10. hey im from Australia so yeh i do have one
    its pretty hard to explain in words so this mght help :)
    [ame=]YouTube - How To Throw A Boomerang (Very detailed )[/ame]
    real men dont wear gloves... ;)
    also practice alot, on an empty oval is a good spot to throw

  11. Ditto on all that. Plus I have a Bullroarer. I love my didge...playing while stoned is awesome.
  12. Would a Kylie be better? or perhaps a throw stick...;)
  13. I wish I had a boomerang.
    There's no telling how many times valuable items have been just out of my reach. :p
  14. Haha im from australia, owned multiple boomerangs.. Never bought one of coarse, always givin to me from family when they come over from overseas after they get bored of failing at throwing it haha...

    Also own a couple of didgeridoos aswell... My biggest one makes a madd sound...

    And hahaha at OP saying his 'rang was made by aborigionals... Doubt there are many true blooded abos around these days.. and i doubt even more that they would be making that shit to sell haha XD
  15. I have an excellent boomerang I bought from a random street vendor in France. It always comes back, I love it.

    I love my didgeridoo. I really ought to practice more, I haven't played it in bloody ages now.
  16. I bet it wasn't made by legit Abo's.

    Yeah We have a didgeridoo sitting against the wall over there. I won a competition in a safari up in Hamilton Island on a safari night out.

    Making like kookaburra while jamming out a low note. Motherfucker what

    Probably because I used to play the Euphonium and the trombone, back before I was cool.

    had many a boomerang. It comes back sometimes, but not right back to me exactly normally.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Boomerang - Big Pun[/ame]
  18. This thread is full of fucked up words.
  19. my son bought himself one in Costa Rica, but it's a piece of shit and doesn't work.

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