Does anybody else find this Graph Disturbing?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digger, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Does Mankind have no sence in equilibrium, that being said is Mankink so selfish and imature in there limited evolutionary time line that we will eventually wipe ourselves out of existence but not before we have taken and killed off all our precious resources on mother Earth?
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  2. the world is still a big place ,,but theres a lot of the land that cant be cultivated etc ..but its worrying if the land at present can keep up with the birth rates ,,mac,
  3. The birth's are the catalyst, or well the "Sex part" is but it is our 2 main life resources the sustainability of Freshwater & Food. Can't grow out so gotta grow up the way's.

    Also Humans are not biologically made to live in space or on Mar's, a dozen generations and there DNA is corrupted. Anyway we'll be eating each other in the last years of Human Civilization before we've even gotten the chance to get to a planet the suits Human Physiology, and even if that happens im sure they'll be destined to repeat our mistakes. After all were only bloody Monkey's:confused:...
  4. Not really, as I know that shit is going on.

    Either we build up or survival of the higher class.
  5. That's why I advocate cannibalism. Solves overpopulation and world hunger
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  6. It's the reason my wife and I didn't have kids. Malthus figured it out long ago. Population growth is logarithmic, but agricultural development is arithmetic. The only way to keep the population of the human race down is through cataclysm (natural or man made), to quit dispensing antibiotics, or to impose restrictions on how many children one person can have. War has always been a popular population fixer, but before the 20th century mortality rates were more influenced by bad medicine than bad neighbors.

    Some Asian countries (most notably Thailand, but also China) have attempted to control population growth by means benign and judiciary. In Thailand, there has long been a program in place that provides full medical insurance and pays for all of a child's tuition in school until he/she graduates from university -- as long as the parents have less than 3 or 4 children (I forget the exact number.) China has a population control protocol also, but it is less proactive and more corporal in its approach, with less carrot and more stick.

    The World Health Organization predicts a world population of 11 billion by 2050, but a world population of only 8.5 billion by the year 2100. I haven't read exactly how they think this population decline is going to occur, but I don't think it's going to be from interplanetary colonization.

    PS: Hell yeah it's disturbing! Virtually every major problem we face on a global scale is directly tied to population.
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  7. Rest assured, Mother Earth's resources will long outlast mankind...For that matter, animal life is likely to outlast mankind. The only thing eliminating Earth's natural resources is the Sun blowin' the fuck up, in which case nothin' really matters after that, and no one really knows when or if that will occur.

    The weather will kill us before Earth gives up, biblical flood type of shit, or we'll kill each other off in some stupid war...And then Earth will simply reset and wait for evolution to bring along another advanced lifeform that will continue where we all leave off. Unless of course, the Sun blows the fuck up.:coolalt:
  8. What...In the...Fuck.
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  9. What if the sun does blow up? Ill be strapping on my sunnys and cracking a beer before molten debris hits the earth.

    And digga, earths population was meant to be kept under 500,000 according to some ancient stone. Just a fun fact.
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  10. “The rapid increase in the Earth’s population in recent decades is because of an excess of births over deaths. Although birth rates and death rates have both declined sharply since the 1960s, death rates have declined more rapidly than birth rates. The cumulative effect of the excess of births over deaths in recent decades has led to a successive attainment of billion-person milestones every 12 or 13 years.”

    Cite: The World Population at 7 Billion

    The “” graph is a bit steadier than your graph.


    People are living longer than they did and this is the majority of the cause of the amount of people.

    that being said is Mankink so selfish and imature in there limited evolutionary time line that we will eventually wipe ourselves out of existence but not before we have taken and killed off all our precious resources on mother Earth?”

    I’ve got to ask - what are YOU doing about it? Are you using electricity? Do you drive a car?

    Do you grow your own food?

    Do you have sex?

    With all due respect, so many complain about different circumstances but do zero about it.

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  11. Mankind needs a serious revolution before ww wipe ourselves out like many civilizations before us.

    In the part of the world I live in. The citizens are more concerned with forcing others to call them whichever pronoun (people being reffered to as them, or who, or girls as guys and guys as girls) they decide to call them.

    Doesnt matter what anybody thinks of you, they argue and close down streets rallying this crap, when if they truly cared about ANY life other than their own.... well theres millions of starving children in the world while they are so well fed they used their time to scream opinions down ppls throat.

    All life matters.

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  12. Not sure what gay rights has to do with world overpopulation, unless it lessens it somewhat.

    LiveScience has an interesting article on the affect of population on carbon consumption.

    "Under current conditions in the United States, for instance, each child ultimately adds about 9,441 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the carbon legacy of an average parent – about 5.7 times the lifetime emissions for which, on average, a person is responsible."

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