Does anybody else feel like the world is at end with all these crazy events happening

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  1. I was just thinking look at everything that is happening. i also heard ppl are predicting may 21, 2011 is judgement day. Im not scared, but this is shit that i am hearing. What you guys think??

  2. Idk, all this weird shit going on. Im not scared cuz I hardly believe it but u never know.
  3. I don't know about thee date or anything but i don't think thee world is going to just one of thee biggest natural disasters ever you know there's a difference don't believe everything you hear or see
  4. I think this video will shed light on the end-times crap.

    [ame=]YouTube - If the world is ending why aren't creationists throwing a party?[/ame]
  5. i don't think the world is going to end anytime soon but if it does, i think it would be pretty awesome.
  6. There's definitely some weird shit going on.. I honestly think we're gonna be seeing shit go down in the US atleast within the next four years. I'm actually almost 100% certain shits gonna hit the fans real soon, I mean a 16trillion dollar debt isn't going to disappear, food and other everyday items are going to continue increasing in price.. it was a nice place for a while but every kingdoms gotta crumble sooner or later.
  7. Weird shit may be going on, but the world is not going to end.
  8. I saw an ad about May 21 for a promotion of a book.

  9. For some reason I agree. It would sure make things interesting.
  10. I just find it soo so strange how so many people are 'waking up' to all of this stuff.

    Like completely corrupt governments, globalists pushing their agendas, the federal reserve being a complete 'fuck you' to the US, what if there really is something to this whole 2012 conscious expansion awareness stuff?

    I've never been much into it cause I always blew it off as another outrageous conspiracy, but as of lately I couldn't really tell you how sure I am about it now..
  11. No. There are no more disasters or problems with the government than there ever were. What there are are more people hoaxing and scare-mongering in an attempt to sell DVD's and books on the subject.

  12. Well actually, yeah alot of shit that usually doesn't happen is happening...
    300+ tornadoes reported down south in a matter of four days. An astonishing amount of earthquakes and plate movement occurring. Rivers flooding to alltime record setting levels. Weather and temperatures are not normal, record setting cold and hot temps have been recorded. I mean, there are obvious changes and unusual natural occurances happening all around the world.
    which brings me to my point, it's not the "end of the world" as it has been coined by many, but instead, it is the earth on it's inevitable natural cycle and going through immense changes. We are just long for the ride.
    I myself feel lucky to be able to be living during such special and unique time of earths existence.
    Honestly, I predict that there will be more earthquakes to come along with volcanoes poppin there caps. Maybe another tsunami or two.
    I only predict this about the volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis is because of the amount of tectonic activity within the earth that is happening. When ever a plate moves or slips, all of that energy goes somewhere else, it doesn't just disappear. So with all the activity, it's almost like a dominoe effect, until it hits a big domino
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    i wanna die in the apocalypse

    ... or you know survive it as a witness of 'beforetimes'
  14. I understand your point, but although there's unusual weather at present, there are no 'unusual natural occurrences'. It's global warming, it's not a part of an 'end of the world' scenario (I know you don't think it is), and won't result in our demise as a planet as the OP is worried about. There have been such changes regularly over the lifetime of the earth, we've even had mini-ice ages within the last few hundred years.

    As far as earthquakes go, we get no more of them now, including big ones, than we've ever done and no rise in activity of the movement of the earth's plates. I've followed the seismic monitor live site for years, everything's as it has always been:

    Dr. Michael Blanpied: A lot of people wonder if the rate of earthquakes is increasing, but it does not appear to be. We have good statistics on the numbers of earthquakes going back years, decades and centuries. See a nice summary here:"

    As I said, there is no increase. We've had more prominent earthquakes nowadays because some are in places like Japan, but far bigger ones have happened in Chile and elsewhere that killed ten times as many people, but which received average media coverage.

    Are volcanoes on the increase? No, it's the same situation again. What's changed is reporting via the media, not the number of volcanoes.

    "...Not according to Lee Siebert, director of the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program (GVP). Charged with documenting, analyzing and disseminating information about Earth's active volcanoes, the GVP boasts 40 years of data to indicate it's business as usual under the crust.

    "If you plot data from the last 200 years, there's a clear increase in the number of eruptions over time," Siebert said, "but that's not a function of the actual number of eruptions but rather due to reporting effects."

    Specifically, the GVP found that the increase in volcanic eruptions paralleled the rise in global population. It paralleled human encroachment of volcanic areas and improvements in communication technologies. Think of it as the "if a tree falls in the forest" effect. With more people around, and better technology, it became harder for a volcanic eruption to go unnoticed.

    "If you plot the data over time, you do see peaks and valleys with an overall upward trend," Siebert said, "but a lot of those specific peaks or troughs can be attributed to individual reporting events. For example, there are prominent troughs that correspond to World War I and World War II, times when people's attention was focused on other issues.

    During those periods of global strife, Siebert said, we simply didn't record eruptions with the same regularity. Conversely, reporting jumped following the dramatic eruptions of Krakatoa in 1883 and Mount Pelée in 1902. Sensitized by such intimidating examples of volcanism, the world took greater notice of smaller occurrences, at least for a time.

    Observation bias aside, global volcanism has remained steady throughout recorded history...."

    Are volcanic eruptions increasing? : Discovery News

    However, you're right in one respect - volcanoes are becoming more active in the Icelandic area as the polar ice retreats, causing the plates it was sitting on to rise.

    Will Global Warming Make Iceland's Volcanoes Angry? : Discovery News

  15. Not only this, but information is being shared at a faster rate than ever. This would most definitely make it seem as though there are more disasters happening.
  16. I feel like I'm one of the only people that actually believes the human race will still be around in 1000 years

  17. I was charged $2.00 mother fackin dollars for a gallon of water at my market!

    Shit's redickulous.

    It was $1.75 just a week ago.

  18. ..... Where the fuck do you live bro?!
  19. You know the video you were too lazy to watch on page 1 in lenny88's post? Watch it. By the way, I live in new york city, one of the most expensive places to live in the US, and water is a dollar a gallon here.

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